Thursday, April 28, 2011

SAH DJ Set x SB Froth - Eos Lounge This Friday!

If any of you party animal freaks happen to be in the near vicinity of Santa Barbara this Friday night, grab your extra liver and crawl on down to the Eos Lounge in the heart of Downtown SB!

With heavy hitters like Shae B [Digital Emissaries], Matt Black [GDD], DJ Mackle [Night Owl], Hogg, Dr. Steve Brule, and myself included, the night is sure to be filled with nasty ass beats, big booty betches, and as much Natty Light and Popov as you can guzzle!  Be sure to get there early as this place will fill up plus you don't wanna miss my early bird set.  The froth will ignite the night sky at approximately 10 PM, don't blow it!

Email me (SurfAmbassadorHendo at gmail) or RSVP here to get on the list!
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  1. Shit was epic man! All the SB frothers made it to the set and lit the dance floor on fire! One of the frothiest ones yet! STOKED! yeeee!