Friday, April 22, 2011

IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #3: Do-Mentum: Under The Influence

A good friend pointed out that just this yesterday my site didn't have anything to do with surfing on it at the moment.  I suppose sometimes this thang is a reflection of the SAH times, so if all you see on here is filthy porn and pictures of Liz-Lords getting weird, then that's most likely where you can find me!  Anyways, homeboy did have a good point and so I've decided to shower your Friday with another Idiot-SAH-Vault gift!  Here's the goods:

IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #3  (Under The Influence DL Expired)

º Split Enz - Six Months In A Leaky Boat (Freesuf sesh in Modern Collective)

º Futureheads - Beginning of the Twist (CJ Hobgood's part in Stranger Than Fiction)

º Bonus Track: Strug Out - Betrayal (YOU name whose part in what movie, YOU WIN!)

Have a great Friday, see you in the water...
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  1. ahhahah, that lizlords picture is hilarius. resembles cesar's brother if he never surfed and grew up in missouri

  2. send the ape gloves my way, thats the wipeout section from loose change

  3. haha LizLordian! arrr close my friend, u got the section right but it was actually the Wipeout section The Show! I'll send u half a pair o' ape gloves and half of a squid lid! yeeeeeeeow!