Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cabo Chips : A Bag of Rootsness In Every Bite!

Today is 420 (check out last years activity list), you're stoned like a malnourished sloth in a swamp and wondering 'mannn what the fuck should I grind right neeeow?!'  No worries, I've got you covered...

A few weeks ago, (as usual) I was broke, starving, and as horny as a billy goat during a mystic tan sesh!  Luckily, Poseidon heard my cries and a package arrived from the heavenly seas.  It was a box filled with the most mouth-watering, saliva inducing, lip smacking chips I've ever frothed in my mouth!  The chips go by the name of Cabo Chips, they're run and owned by my good buddy Christian & his bros, and to say that they're fucking bomb is a total understatement! 

I've had quite a few chips in my lifetime (blue cheetos, pbj dorritos, jalapeƱo x chocolate funions etc…) but nothing compares to the satisfaction I get when I rip open an original bag of soy lime flavored Cabo Chips and eat that shit like it was a ripe punani! (Note: Cabo Chips are made from pure soybean oil with a refined cooking process topped with natural soy sauce and limes, therefore I recommend eating them over cunnilingus any day!)   

Chicks & Beer + Chips & Beer = Froth Overload
Recently, Cabo Chips have been on a tear and have been doing an awesome job of getting their brand out there.  From cruising the streets and the beach during the US Open, product placement in Californication, and most recently setting up shop during the Oasis Beach Club Pool Party at Coachella, it's clear to see that the delicious taste fits in exceptionally well with the surf scene, party scene, and the myrt scene…
So the next time you're walking down the chip aisle of your local quickie mart, whether you're stoned off your gord or not,  bypass the lard prcoessed fake shit and grab a bag of Cabo Chip rootsness!  You'll probably wanna grab 2 of 'em cause I've been putting down full bags each sitting.  You can thank me later! 
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