Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Triple Crown of Surfing World Premiere at Arbor this Friday ft SAH DJ Set

For the past 4 months, me and the Windowseat mates have been grueling away shooting, converting, logging, editing, re-editing, and polishing the mental clips that made up this year's Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.  Starting off with Haleiwa, then to Sunset, and ending at Pipe, the Triple Crown is one of the most prestigious surfing events in the World.  Our shows strive to depict the triumph and tribulations that the competitors inevitably go through whilst playing with the fickle beast that we all know and love as Poseidon!

Cruise out to Arbor this Friday night in Venice, grab yourself a free Kona brewtal, and sit back in amazement while the silver screen flickers with our gold!  After that, chug the shit out of your beers, take a shot of Wild Turkey, and hide your wives cause I'm getting behind the turn tables and am gonna serve up an extra slopyy set for yaz!  This is an event not to be missed, see you there myrtz...
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