Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rad Omen - King Of The Vampires

Shark Tooth, you son of a bitch!
As soon as I'm starting to get board of the same ol' music and the same ol' searching in various trash bins on Hypem, I got this nice lil diddy in my inbox.  Nah, it wasn't another naked Kathy Griffin telegram, it's Rad Omen's latest mixtape entitled "King of the Vampires" that dropped earlier today.  If yall don't know Rad Omen, then you don't know the Rad Anthem, and you can just get the fuck outa mah face!
Dirt Nasty x Illmerica?  Are you jesting me?! Pretty sickalz lil mixalz, see for yourself:


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  1. was great up until the 'fuck you' song

  2. haha yeah that track got so assassinated eh?!

  3. i just spent an hour trying to find out who dirt nasty was mixed with and then finally realized you had already posted it. that one is amazing.