Monday, March 21, 2011

MM: Girls On Film

Usually here at the SAH blog we like to post myrts who contain strong creative aspirations, are independently driven to achieve their dreams, have a breathtaking singing voice, kill it behind the turntables, and/or other such attractive traits beyond just their looks.  However, on occasion, it's rainy as shit and all you wanna do is stare deeply into a pair of dreamy eyes belonging to a stone fox.  Today is that day...
Photos by the legendary Carlos
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  1. Ey SAH, check out Rebecca and Fiona from Sweden... They are Stockholm's next up-n-coming dj duo. They are also total myrts that can rock climb, act, compose, and are good at stealin random shit.

  2. haha love it! just checked 'em out and suffice to say, I need to go to the rest room, zanks!