Thursday, March 3, 2011

Matt Meola Takes Innersection Grand Prize

Fack mates, what did I tell you?  In my Innersection review post, I said top 3 parts were: Craig Ando, Marco Gio,  and Matt Meola.  Well time to praise Poseidon and start calling me the oracle of faith cause Matty M just took the gold for best part in Innersection (and Craig A was right up there podium-ing with him).  If you didn't get a chance to see it cause you're too cheap to buy the dvd, here it is in the flesh for yaz...

Congrats Matty M, killin it!
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  1. could you just post the whole dvd? thanks

  2. Lol at your first comment.... and...
    John John got snaked! That kid had the gnarliest part and the sickest song.... after that I would have to say Peter's part in Canada and Gabes part! Matt's part was so sick though........

  3. Anyon- hahaha fack, I don't think there's a rip out there, any other vid I'd find a way to do that but this one was all about trying to support all the homes who made the sections, face who knows, some day a section I edited just might be in there hint hint...
    Cat- yeah John kills it! so heavy! I think ultimately, Matt had the most aesthetically pleasing section, the diversity/and degree of difficulty of maneuvers were off the charts, and the track was banging too! Those other guys shred tho too! yew!

  4. lookin forward to an edit by the ambassador