Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kelly Slater; The King Who Never Slept

Kelly Slater, the man, the myth, the unsurpassable legend, has done it again and has started his WCT year of with a Win!  The Quiksilver Pro at Snappers saw some great heats and quite a few upsets but no matter the year, the tide, the waves, or the surfers, somethings just never change; Kelly Slater is still and will always be the best surfer that ever lived.  People can say whatever they want about how shitty the final was but the bottom line is, out of all the surfers in the comp nobody deserved to be in the final more than Kelly and Taj.   Like I previously stated, Taj is surfing phenomenally well and he looks more aggressive and hungry than ever.  I hate when people start talking about World Title contenders after the first comp so I won't say anything but this year is already starting to look somewhat like a rerun of an episode we know all too well…

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