Wednesday, March 30, 2011

-IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #2 Here & Now

It's my birthday today, so instead of hangin with mah myrt Paris again and going from city to city and party after party, I thought I'd be generous and give back to those who I love most dearly… no, not my Magic The Gathering crew, but you, my faithful frothers…

Idiot-Sah-Vault #2 is chalk fileld with punk rock bangers and indie frothers…

º Future Islands - Vireo's Eye (AI's' Part in High Five / Credits in Who Is J.O.B.?)

º Sprung Monkey - Good Times (Taylor Steele's Goodtimes Intro)

º Furious IV - Twenty IV (Benji Weatherly's part in Loose Change)

*Answer to Idiot-SAH-Vault Bonus #1: Rob Machado's heat in the '98 Quisilver G-Land Pro 
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