Friday, March 18, 2011

-IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #1- Back to the basics

One of my favorite words besides froth, an Idiot Savant is defined as: a human who is "incapable of learning, writing or reading, yet they have unlimited access to specific, accurate knowledge in the fields of mathematics, music, and other precise areas" (does "other precise areas" refer to jerkin off? my technique and execution of such areas might be considered prodigy status).  

Besides flogging the bishop, over the years I've accumulated quite the ear for songs that have been featured in surf videos.  Example A: why was I the only one hysterically laughing when Shark's Cove Grill was playing PNAU's "Embrace" while Jordy Smith was siting right across from me eating an ahi sandwich?  The irony killed me as I thought back to his banger part in Stranger Than Fiction that put all the others to shame (yes, even Dane's, frown face).  

Anyways, I'm starting a music series called "IDIOT-SAH-VAULT" that will run each week.  Within this series I'll be posting 3 songs from my vault that have either appeared in classic surf videos, web teasers, hollywood surf films, or even web SAH-gas.  Along with the 3 downlowdable tracks, there may sometimes be a bonus track that I'll be posting to test YOUR knowledge and see if you can name whose part it belonged to.  

To start things off I've pulled 3 gems and a mystery bonus track for you freaks.  Here's the skinny:

Back to the basics (Downlowd Expired)
Cheater - Teenage Zero (Dan Malloy's part in Taylor Steele's "The Show")
The Knife - Heartbeats (Credits sequence in Globe's "Secret Machine")
Pivit - Cyber Christ (Kelly Slater's part in Taylor Steele's "Loose Change")
* Bonus track: Porno for Pyros - Dogs Rule the Night (First 5 people to email me or comment below the answer to whose part in what video this track was, will receive an additional treat).  
*Downlowds[sic] expire in a week, get 'em while they're hot
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  1. Yo Hendo! I love that googling Slater Cyber Christ gives me your site at the top of the list. Epic Mahn! How's that spaaatula?