Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Quiksilver Pro WCT Event @ Snapper Rocks

Seems like the comp days for the Quik Pro have been rather sporadic along with the swell and Snapper's fickle little performance; this makes for quite the challenge to actually catch some heats.  Last night, out of pure luck, I was able to catch Taj vs Adriano followed by Jordy vs Parko; two heats which left me with the impression that the CT competitors are undoubtedly hungry this year and they wont be satisfied with leftovers!

In particular, Taj has been surfing really well and it looks like there's something different about his surfing, it's more fluid and powerful.  The last wave he took as a victory lap had an ender power gash that rivaled an uncle Sunny hack.  Nuff said, Taj is looking in form and so is Jordy.

Jordy needing a 7.01 in the last remaining minute, pulled a bunch of rabbits out of his hat as he flawlessly threw a reverse, a bunch of swooping carves/turns, and a quick indy grab air for the win!  Stay tuned for the last day of the Quik Pro coming up no later than tomorrow.  While you're at it, grab a 18er and play the Ambassador Drinking Game, you'll be sloppy in no time...
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  1. hell yeah, surfing related post! i randomly turned that event on about the same time and caught those heats. mental shredding! taj is ripping harder than ever for surf, apparently he changed his board and made it the tail rail thicker and wider in the nose, he can lay into turns better now. rooooooots

  2. yeah, his FW shaper did him a good one eh? Wish I had a shaper at my disposal that would analyze my surfing and tweak some shit to make me boost higher and barrell longer, luckyyyyyyyyy!