Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gone Fishing Foaming FartingFrothing...

Pardone me absenco estos last weeko… I think that's Spanish or Gaelic for "pardon my absence this last week".  I've been on a good one and as you can tell, I've been brushing up on my Rosetta Stone and am switching my mind into vacay mode as I near for what could be one of the most mental benders since the Party Ambassador assassinated the Surf Ambassador at the Playboy Mansion circa '05.  That's right amigos, I'm goin to farking mexico!  Where, what, and who I'll be doing is left for me and Poseidon's Posse to discover but just look to the sky for the froth symbol, SAH-lute Poseidon, and know that the wind blowing on your back is probably the same wind that's blowing on my wang...

We'll be back to our regularly scheduled program as soon as my feet hit the ground.  Good day, I bid you all adieu!
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

-IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #2 Here & Now

It's my birthday today, so instead of hangin with mah myrt Paris again and going from city to city and party after party, I thought I'd be generous and give back to those who I love most dearly… no, not my Magic The Gathering crew, but you, my faithful frothers…

Idiot-Sah-Vault #2 is chalk fileld with punk rock bangers and indie frothers…

º Future Islands - Vireo's Eye (AI's' Part in High Five / Credits in Who Is J.O.B.?)

º Sprung Monkey - Good Times (Taylor Steele's Goodtimes Intro)

º Furious IV - Twenty IV (Benji Weatherly's part in Loose Change)

*Answer to Idiot-SAH-Vault Bonus #1: Rob Machado's heat in the '98 Quisilver G-Land Pro 
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Fuck March Madness and all that stupid basketball shit, it's Mixtape March and Mobroder has just taken the lead with one of the most creative and fluid mixes I've heard to date.  Send your email here, get the mix, and enjoy the ride!

Thanks to Po for this absolutely phenomenal gem!
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Myrt Monday: Leanne Pelosi

Just got back from Grenade Games 7, tired as fuck, muscles I forgot about are soar, and there's still a bit of a ringing in my ears from all the dubstep dj sets, electrohell, The Game, and others I'll fill you in on later…

Even though I don't even know if Leanne Pelosi was at this year's Games, she's always caught my eye as one of the top snowboarder myrts who rips and looks gooooood while doing so.  Hats off to Leanne for rippin it up on da mountain and in the water, definite myrt status yeow!    

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Junkyard Presents: Kauai Coast Spring Fix

If you're looking for a tropical retreat from your usual ElectroHell frothyness, my homey Junkyard has got the perfect thing for you.  A blend of steel drums, island synths, and groovy beats, Junkyard's latest mixtape entitled "Kauai Coast Spring Fix" elicits the feeling of an ocean breeze gently sweeping you into a friendly dance.  Junkyard's blog is chalk filled with more tropical goodness, awesome videos, and hours of fantastic music that he's already filtered for you with a fine-toothed comb!  Check out the blog, play/download the mix, and fall in love with Beat Connection's Silver Screen remix by Dreamtrak Diamond Sound as I did upon hearing it in this mix!

Kauai Coast Spring Fix by junkyard
As Junkyard relocates to LA, expect big things from this guy!  SAH x Junkyard = Tropical Nu Disco Froth to the Max!

Have a great weekend frothers, I'm off to Big Bear for Grenade Games 7, shit's about to get facking weird!
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Art Vs. Science x American Royalty This Saturday

If you enjoyed the mixtape I dropped yesterday, then surely you'll be obsessed with Guns In The Sun and the killer events they put on!  Ontop of wrangling the best heavy hitters in the Electro and Nu Disco World, they also manage a few phenomenal acts.

One such act is out friends and super frothers American Royalty.  If you haven't experienced American Royalty live, then you haven't ever danced with the devil at pale moonlight.   They're playing this Saturday with super Aussie frother group Art Vs. Science at the Bootleg Theater, trust me when I say this; you do not want to miss out on this show!  Shit's gonna be rockin and myrts will be heavily frothin!

A shneek preview of by far one of my favorite ElectroRock tracks of all time:

American Royalty - Levrolution

Heart that shit!
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The AMPAL Creative's WILD N THE STREETS Snap Back!

If you couldn't tell already, my homeboy Po of The AMPAL Creative has been on a mental hat bender for the past few years that would most certainly put the Mad Hatter to shame!  With an eclectic assortment of top quality hats made with a fine attention to detail, Ampal's growing collection never ceases to amaze me each time a new hat drops.  From the classic Alameda Fedora, the Frothin Snap Back, the Dope Snap Back, to the Occy, Ampal's diverse collection surely has something that will tickle your fancy!  If that wasn't enough, make way for a new family member in the Ampal Collection...

AMPAL's latest addition entitled the WILD N THE STREETS Snap Back is not for the faint of heart!  Made form a heavy acid wash denim, the WILD N THE STREETS comes in black and denim colorways equipped with an invisible sign that screams "I'm wild so get the fuck out of my way!" It's pretty damn difficult to give this hat justice solely on words alone so I'll let Po's new video do all the talkin...

WILD in the STREETS from Ampal Creative on Vimeo.

Visit The AMPAL Creative's Webstore HERE and get yourself some goodies before they inevitably sell out!  
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

*SAH MIXTAPE* DiscoSYNTHesis: Play With Me When The Waves Are Flat

If Molly Ringwald and Dirk Diggler had a baby, I'm pretty sure his shits would sound something like my froth fourth mixtape that you are all about to experience!  This time, I've blended some booty shakin Nu Disco grooves with some epic 80's-vibe-synth-heavy jams, hence the name "DiscoSYNTHesis".  Where the "Play With Me When The Waves Are Flat" part came from, I will never know, but it's most likely from PAH's (Party Ambassador) long lost cousin SAH.  

This mix is brought to you by The Ampal Creative and is best experienced under high doses of illegal substances, malt liquor, cloves, and whatever the hell you can take so you don't end up blaming me if it sucks!  Crank your volume the fuck up, download this lil betch, and jam it in your local discoteca, your car, your class room, and your confessional booth once the sinning has subsided!

If anything, I hope this mix transports you back into the days when partying was cool, sex ran rampant, and being a blogger got you paid & laid…


1.  Russ Chimes - Targa (Original Mix)
2.  Aeroplane - Superstar (The Krays Remix)
3.  Zebra - Tell Me What You Want (DJ Kue Master Blaster Remix)
4.  Chromeo - Hot Mess (Duck Sauce Remix)
5.  Oliver - Walk With Me
6.  Señor Stereo - Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight ft. Lookbook
7.  Boney M - Daddy Cool (Chris Moody & DJ Riz Remix)
8.  Duck Sauce - The Motion
9.  Jamiroquai - White Knuckle Ride (Penguin Prison Remix)
10.  Scissor Sisters - Any Which Way (Keljet Remix)
11.  Over The Top - Indian Burn
12.  Fenech-Soler - Demons (Sam Padrul Remix)
13.  Herbie HanCOCK- Hang Up Ur Hang Ups (Les Petits Pilous Edit)
14.  NWA - 100 Miles and Running 
15.  Viceroy - In The Sky
16.  PNAU - The Truth ('96 Bulls Remix)
17.  Burns & Fred Falke - Y.S.L.M. (You Stopped Loving Me - Club Mix)
18.  Cassian - Getting High
19.  Ivan The Terrible - Back On Track 
20.  Chilly Gonzales - You Can Dance (Walter Sobcek Remix)
21.  Headman - Blue Girls (ft Retriever - Mickey Remix)
22.  Avicii - Penguin (Original Mix)
23.  Groove Armada - Paper Romance (Classixx Version)
24. DJ NM - Igloo (Needle In a Haystack Mix)

Special Thanks / Inspirations: 
Po of The Ampal Creative for the Insta-Classic Album Artwork!
Scorpion Breath, Kenya, and Sweatpants of Guns In The Sun
WAVES ≠ RAVES / Tropicool of Gotta Dance Dirty 
Junkyard Kicks
Muse Myrts
People Who Hate Electro
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!

Just when I thought SUPers couldn't get any lamer...
Surfed at lunch today and on my way in, I was graced with this lovely piece of shit you see above.  It's bad enough that people trash our beaches and litter our waters but there is seriously nothing worse than SUPers and their meaningless lives.  I'd almost rather see a floating boot, tire, or used conny in the water than a fuckin lard ass jock nerd SUPper.

If you can't make out the details of the picture above, it reads: "LOST PADDLE for SUP Board.  Black Carbon with Colors on the Blade, over 6 ft tall please Call 310 3#5-7867, I'm a fucking kook."

It's a fucking paddle!  Go to Home Depot and buy yourself a new one in the rake or broom aisle you idiot!
If you so happen to find this man's paddle, or want to chat it up with our buddy here, please feel free to give him a call, I'm sure he'd love to hear about how much you adore his sport and his presence in our water.  Poseidon knows I will...
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Monday, March 21, 2011

MM: Girls On Film

Usually here at the SAH blog we like to post myrts who contain strong creative aspirations, are independently driven to achieve their dreams, have a breathtaking singing voice, kill it behind the turntables, and/or other such attractive traits beyond just their looks.  However, on occasion, it's rainy as shit and all you wanna do is stare deeply into a pair of dreamy eyes belonging to a stone fox.  Today is that day...
Photos by the legendary Carlos
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sundizay Updizlers

Thanks for raining all weekend and keeping me out of the water yet again, I'm not bitter or anything…

Hindie Song of the Week:

The Knocks - Dancing With the DJ (Campfire Acoustic Version)

Video of the Week:

Steez of the Week:
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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Weirdness

Hope you're gettin weird at SXSW, Cali, Aus, or wherever the hell you is; Poseidon knows I am…
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Friday, March 18, 2011

-IDIOT-SAH-VAULT #1- Back to the basics

One of my favorite words besides froth, an Idiot Savant is defined as: a human who is "incapable of learning, writing or reading, yet they have unlimited access to specific, accurate knowledge in the fields of mathematics, music, and other precise areas" (does "other precise areas" refer to jerkin off? my technique and execution of such areas might be considered prodigy status).  

Besides flogging the bishop, over the years I've accumulated quite the ear for songs that have been featured in surf videos.  Example A: why was I the only one hysterically laughing when Shark's Cove Grill was playing PNAU's "Embrace" while Jordy Smith was siting right across from me eating an ahi sandwich?  The irony killed me as I thought back to his banger part in Stranger Than Fiction that put all the others to shame (yes, even Dane's, frown face).  

Anyways, I'm starting a music series called "IDIOT-SAH-VAULT" that will run each week.  Within this series I'll be posting 3 songs from my vault that have either appeared in classic surf videos, web teasers, hollywood surf films, or even web SAH-gas.  Along with the 3 downlowdable tracks, there may sometimes be a bonus track that I'll be posting to test YOUR knowledge and see if you can name whose part it belonged to.  

To start things off I've pulled 3 gems and a mystery bonus track for you freaks.  Here's the skinny:

Back to the basics (Downlowd Expired)
Cheater - Teenage Zero (Dan Malloy's part in Taylor Steele's "The Show")
The Knife - Heartbeats (Credits sequence in Globe's "Secret Machine")
Pivit - Cyber Christ (Kelly Slater's part in Taylor Steele's "Loose Change")
* Bonus track: Porno for Pyros - Dogs Rule the Night (First 5 people to email me or comment below the answer to whose part in what video this track was, will receive an additional treat).  
*Downlowds[sic] expire in a week, get 'em while they're hot
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day

Last year I made a drinking game, this year I received a creepy ass picture in my email from a "Gozak Yurowndich"????
Either way, drink some brews, pour some out for Nate Dogg, Sion, Andy, and all the other fallen soldiers, wear some green, and pinch those who ain't; if not for my people, then for the good name of the holy Poseidon!
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rest In Peace Sion Milosky

A true charger, a great friend, a hard worker, a family man, and a man passionately devoted to the art of riding big waves, Sion Milosky tragically passed away today at Mavericks.  Gone but not fogrgotten, Sion's spirit lives on in the water, on the land, and in us all.  A true inspiration to everyone, Rest In Paradise Sion…

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Clandestino Surfing Candy

A few weeks ago, a package arrived at my door step.  Expecting a pink ball gag and the newest issue of Wizard Universe, I was pleasantly surprised when in actuality, I had received a black padded envelope filled with a product I had never heard of called Clandestino Surfing Candy courtesy of the lovely General Manager; Melissa Montoya (zanks).  A surfing candy?  I've heard of wetsuit soap, rashguard balm, and bootie warmers, but never had I heard of a candy that was made for surfers by surfers that "gives you one hour of clean energy".

After a previous night filled with frothy ruckus, that day was gloomy and so was my head.  I hadn't surfed in about a month and I decided it was time I checked in on my old pal Poseidon.  Upon making my normal 45 minute commute from DTLA to any stretch of beach, I brought along my surf candy, ready for consumption and experimentation.  A small oval shaped niblet that fits perfectly in your pocket (waterproof wrapper), tastes like chocolate covered bananas, and has a 1 year shelf life, this surfing candy thing was starting to intrigue me.

I got to the beach and as always, the waves looked like pure Doberman shit.  So I did what I normally do when I can't make up my mind, lean back and take a nap-o-leanz.  I dreamt I was a unicorn frolicking at Myrtle Beach while being showered with Reese's Pieces and Ovaltine shakes; then I awoke.  The waves still looked like ass but I decided to charge it anyway and give this lil candy a try.  After I wiggled into my new 4/3 Excel Drylock (zanks Mads), I waxed up my shred sled, and began eating my Clandestino.  Like a banana flavored cousin to a fig newton, the Clandestino tasted great and went down easy, I was ready to shralp.

For not having surfed in a month, I was surprisingly spunky and not as out of breath as I thought I would have been.  Rando 4 foot storm peaks fluttered through the line up as I scratched to catch 'em and managed to finagle a few floater tweaks, corner turns, and almost my 6th ever backside reverse.  For once in my life, I wasn't kooking it and I actually felt as though I contained more power, fluidity, concentration, aggression, and energy than I usually do.

I knew the tall boyz of PBR (sahh hipster) I had the night prior, definitely did not boost me up that day, so by the process of elimination, I concluded that the lil buddy Clandestino bar that I had eaten before my session truly helped me out in what would have been just another shitty session on a shitty day.  If you wanna shred like Kelly while living like Wardo, give these things a try and see for yourself the spunk they put in your surfing step.

Clandestino Surfing Candy will be hitting your nearest surf shop soon but for more info, visit the Clandestino Surfing Candy website, join the mailing list, and give 'em a try!

-If you have some new shit you want tested or reviewed, send it my way and I'll be happy to give it a try, just as long as it doesn't make me break out in hog warts or jaundice like those damn suction cup shoes did...
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Craig Anderson's INNERSECTION Part

Yup, the moment we've all been waiting for, Ando's part is finally up and online.  Now if we could only get the FULL and cleaner version of the DJ NM track, our lives would be complete.  Email me if you want the chopped version of this track...
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Myrtle Monday: Yolandi II

She's brash, she's got out-of-this-World style, she doesn't give a fack, and now she's a "rich bitch".  Yolandi of Die Antwoord, killin the game from rags to riches and taking over the interweb one ninja step at a time...

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Updates

Between my first encounter with Shark Tooth last Wednesday and last night's escapades of SAH-singing Journey in a room filled with Charlie & Sweet Dee of Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, amongst 40 other strangers (true it's safe to say that this last week was weird beyond words.  With so much weirdness goin on in my life, I thought it'd only be fair to share the wealth and pass it off to you.  Here are this weeks' updates:

Video of the Week:

Hurts- "Sunday"
Emo ass song but quite the rad video filled with futuristic instruments, anubis dog heads floating in mid air, and the creepiest motherfucker playing the techno synth.  

Rap Track of the Week:
THE HATED - "'Up To Mischief"
"Fuck yeah, it could have been worse, I could have pissed first but now I'm naked and pissin..."
This week, I took a mini-retreat from the ElectroFroth and got back into the roots ass sounds of hip hop & rap.  When it comes to such things, my buddy Mr. Free of Afends and The Hated is straight up rockin it!  Hailing from Byron Bay, Mr. Free & lord Deco came out to Cali for a bit, partied like rockstars, shredded like hungry groms, and frothed like no other.  It's safe to say that "Up To Mischief" by The Hated (LEEZE and THE SUSPECT) is quite the fitting anthem for the NEVASLOTHIN Lords of Byron!

Steez of the Week:
TITS - Banner Alley (Size Large Please)
With a name like TITS, and shirts like the Banner Alley above, how in the hell could I not post this as the steez of the week?  The only thing that I'm torn about is whether I'd like to be that dog in the picture or the photographer? Oh decisions, decisions...
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Friday, March 11, 2011

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rad Omen - King Of The Vampires

Shark Tooth, you son of a bitch!
As soon as I'm starting to get board of the same ol' music and the same ol' searching in various trash bins on Hypem, I got this nice lil diddy in my inbox.  Nah, it wasn't another naked Kathy Griffin telegram, it's Rad Omen's latest mixtape entitled "King of the Vampires" that dropped earlier today.  If yall don't know Rad Omen, then you don't know the Rad Anthem, and you can just get the fuck outa mah face!
Dirt Nasty x Illmerica?  Are you jesting me?! Pretty sickalz lil mixalz, see for yourself:


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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Kelly Slater; The King Who Never Slept

Kelly Slater, the man, the myth, the unsurpassable legend, has done it again and has started his WCT year of with a Win!  The Quiksilver Pro at Snappers saw some great heats and quite a few upsets but no matter the year, the tide, the waves, or the surfers, somethings just never change; Kelly Slater is still and will always be the best surfer that ever lived.  People can say whatever they want about how shitty the final was but the bottom line is, out of all the surfers in the comp nobody deserved to be in the final more than Kelly and Taj.   Like I previously stated, Taj is surfing phenomenally well and he looks more aggressive and hungry than ever.  I hate when people start talking about World Title contenders after the first comp so I won't say anything but this year is already starting to look somewhat like a rerun of an episode we know all too well…

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

2011 Quiksilver Pro WCT Event @ Snapper Rocks

Seems like the comp days for the Quik Pro have been rather sporadic along with the swell and Snapper's fickle little performance; this makes for quite the challenge to actually catch some heats.  Last night, out of pure luck, I was able to catch Taj vs Adriano followed by Jordy vs Parko; two heats which left me with the impression that the CT competitors are undoubtedly hungry this year and they wont be satisfied with leftovers!

In particular, Taj has been surfing really well and it looks like there's something different about his surfing, it's more fluid and powerful.  The last wave he took as a victory lap had an ender power gash that rivaled an uncle Sunny hack.  Nuff said, Taj is looking in form and so is Jordy.

Jordy needing a 7.01 in the last remaining minute, pulled a bunch of rabbits out of his hat as he flawlessly threw a reverse, a bunch of swooping carves/turns, and a quick indy grab air for the win!  Stay tuned for the last day of the Quik Pro coming up no later than tomorrow.  While you're at it, grab a 18er and play the Ambassador Drinking Game, you'll be sloppy in no time...
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Myrtle Monday ft Guest Editor Erin D

What do P Diddy, 50 Cent, Chris Brown, and Drake all have in common?  At some point in their baller-ass lives, they've all had their make up done by my home girl Erin D!  A famous celebrity make up artist, beauty editor at, producer, cat lover, painter, uber fashionista, and quite the myrt herself, it's no wonder why Erin has an exceptional eye for the goods!

Erin's portfolio is chalk filled with mental myrts w magnificent make up!
As if that weren't enough, her writing skills are straight roots and after she wrote an article coining me as "the ultimate SoCal bro" and later texted me "the inside of your brain must look like Candyland/ lords of Dogtown/the mall/ a rave in 1999/ gym class floor hockey all at once" I laughed by ass off and knew that she possessed the froth and was surely destined for extraordinary things!  Today I've decided to let her myrt run wild and have handed over the reigns to her for Myrtle Monday, froth it girrrrrrll!  Erin D writes:

Erin Wasson
Erin Wasson is a Texas born model, designer and stylist. She gained notoriety as stylist for Alexander Wang during his ss08 rtw collection. 
Erin has since designed for RVCA and stared her own jewelry line, LowLuv. 
A classic American beauty with style and swag for days, she is what lady boners are made of. 
love u long time

-Erin D
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Greetings From Dane Reynolds

Grab a 12er and prepare for the longest but most epic interview of your life!  Winning!

Dane Reynolds x Surf Ambassador Hendo from Surf Ambassador Hendo on Vimeo.
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Matt Meola Takes Innersection Grand Prize

Fack mates, what did I tell you?  In my Innersection review post, I said top 3 parts were: Craig Ando, Marco Gio,  and Matt Meola.  Well time to praise Poseidon and start calling me the oracle of faith cause Matty M just took the gold for best part in Innersection (and Craig A was right up there podium-ing with him).  If you didn't get a chance to see it cause you're too cheap to buy the dvd, here it is in the flesh for yaz...

Congrats Matty M, killin it!
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Where The Fack Is Your Mixtape Kook?

I'm sick and tired of humans calling me, texting me, skyping me, Morris-coding me, smoke signalling me, and emailing asking me when my mixtape is gonna drop?!  Listen people, I'm not fuckin Dr. Dre so you're not gonna have to wait for 7 years but if it's not done by next week, just wait longer...

As you can tell below, this shit ain't easy:
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Triple Crown of Surfing World Premiere at Arbor this Friday ft SAH DJ Set

For the past 4 months, me and the Windowseat mates have been grueling away shooting, converting, logging, editing, re-editing, and polishing the mental clips that made up this year's Vans Triple Crown of Surfing.  Starting off with Haleiwa, then to Sunset, and ending at Pipe, the Triple Crown is one of the most prestigious surfing events in the World.  Our shows strive to depict the triumph and tribulations that the competitors inevitably go through whilst playing with the fickle beast that we all know and love as Poseidon!

Cruise out to Arbor this Friday night in Venice, grab yourself a free Kona brewtal, and sit back in amazement while the silver screen flickers with our gold!  After that, chug the shit out of your beers, take a shot of Wild Turkey, and hide your wives cause I'm getting behind the turn tables and am gonna serve up an extra slopyy set for yaz!  This is an event not to be missed, see you there myrtz...
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