Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Surf Ambassador Hendo DJ SET @ Champagne Fridays

Ladies and Myrtlemen, get your fist pumpin fists and your groove shakin arses ready for yet another night filled with NuDisco/ElectroHell SAH-Fist-o-Cated Jamz sure to get your weaner wet and your froth levels off the charts!  I'm at it again, this time I'm taking over The Standard in Hollywood!  My buddies over at Shake The Hand have been promoting a dope ass event every other friday night called "Champagne Fridays".  With bubbly drink specials all night long, rockin DJs gettin your heart pumpin, and a crowd full of sexy faces, the vibe is epic and the memories are euphorically hazy...

This Friday night (February 4th), I'll be DJing along with Sean G (Pac Div) and Ricardo Carlos (STH).  So cruise out for a couple boiler makers, fire up some shooies, and bring yourself a barf bucket, a profo, and a fire extinguisher; cause this place is gonna be set ablaze!  RSVP HERE and tell em "the ambassador sent ya"; while you're at it, peep the vid I cut for the event above and froth out on my latest mix below (don't worry I'm making a new one soon so hold ur facking horses):

The 7 Mile Mixacle; A North Shore Inspired Mixtape by SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO
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