Friday, February 25, 2011

DJ NM "Igloo" Track as Heard In Craig Anderson's Innersection Part

Some of you creepy bastards (myself included) lurk and drool at myrt pics while visiting a site that we all know as facebook.  Guilty as charged, I bet the amount of times I've been to facebook compared to youporn or some shit is probably higher by a click or two, but the amount of times I've awoken with an S & M ball gag in my mouth with facebook open is most likely much lower than that of the teletubby home page…

Anyways, if you were on the book of face last night, you already know by now that I had a little giveaway involving DJ NM's phenomenal track entitled "Igloo" as seen during Craig Anderson's part in Taylor Steele's latest movie called Innersection.  First 5 people who responded to my status got the un-find-able track for free; as simple as that.  So if you're looking for exclusive giveaways, bizarre status updates, and free pokes, add me on facebook because surely there will be more contests coming next week and those of you with fast hands may get to preview something special before anyone else does...
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  1. Do you have the actual song, or the version ripped from the video?

  2. Intersection**********************