Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Updates

ElectroHell Chune O' Da Week:
grum - through the night (beaumont remix) by beaumont_music
Grum- Through The Night (Beaumont Remix)

Went to the Creme De La Creme DTSD last Thursday as thrown by Dub Frequency, Live Nation, and our homeys at The Ampal Creative.  As expected, Betraxx and Niq G tore the place a new electro asshole!  On another note, Gotta Dance Dirty DJ Dr. Schlongo prefixed the madness with a more than epic set filled with synth heavy electro heaters like the above Grum remix.  The set (and this song in particular) took me straight back to the 80's when people wore leather, danced in the streets, and rocked wayfarers at night (come to think of it not much has changed).  If you haven't seen the music vid, I suggest you do (no homo).  

Vid O'Da Week:

Dirty Gold- California Sunrise

Thanks to Backflip Brian, this classic vid has almost put a tear in my eye more than twice today!  It reminds me of the nice lil Sunday me and da boyz had today taking over the peak at our secret spot, trading off lefts, and straight living the dream while the myrts on the beach bathed in the warm Cali sun and drank some cold dogs.  Summer couldn't be any further away but it's days like today where seasons are just a label...

Steez O'Da Week:

Station At Americana
I ain't no fashionista but I know a good myrt cap or top when I see one.  Housing brands such as: The AMPAL Creative, LAEKEN, Groceries, LADD, Square One, Bones and Feathers Collective, and many more, Station At Americana is your number one source for gettin steezed the fuck out whether you're a myrt or a mort!  Don't be lazy, get off your ass and check out the shop, you can thank me later!    
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