Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SAH DJ Set @ Sway SD

My DJ Set last Friday at Club Sway in SD was a freaking blast!  Thank you to all the homies who came out to support and watch my lard ass do my thang up on da stage (almost sounds like I stripped or sumthin).  Still haven't been able to gather any quality photos as of late but I was sent this amazing HD video by me bro.  Too bad the only clip that was found was when I completely baunched it during my abso facking totes fav Ke$ha song (omg lol) because some asshole threw a George Michaels bobbing head doll at my mixer, knocked over the whole DJ booth, threw lighter fluid on the walls, unleashed piranas into all the kegs, summoned lightening bolts upon the club, and sat back laughing while the whole place erupted in fury...

Surf Ambassador Hendo DJ Set from Surf Ambassador Hendo on Vimeo.
I'm pretty sure a sword fight broke out, a cow got thrown down the steps, and a baby was literally hating life as flashing laser lights and the sounds of the disturbing/hideous trog better known as Ke$ha set the place on fire, and not in a good way...
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