Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Global Frothations #1: G-Land

Just received some radical pics in my interweb mailbox from my buddy Derek V!  Derek was shralping in Aus and the surrounding areas this past year and was kind enough to spread the SAH froth along the way.  Awesomely enough, he slapped up a sticker right in front of Joyo's Surf Camp at G-Land!  Big ups D Man, thanks!

For those of you with the last remaining stickers from round one, send me some pics of places you've slapped 'em (including, but definitely not limited to: anuses, jugs, milk crates, toys r' us, containers of trog juice, Macaroni's, Wall Mart, Malibu Grand Prix, Shipsterns, webbed feet, and the likes) and I'll post dat shit and acknowledge your frothyness!  For those of you who didn't get a batch the first time around, do not despair because there's more stickers headed your way and possibly some shirts or custom profos if things work out...
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