Friday, December 23, 2011

Bixel Collection ⎮ Handsome x Bixel

Tis the season to be frothing and being as such, what could be better than Hot Babes, Hot Tunes, and Hot Coffee?  The Bixel Boys are at it again and have made one of the most incredible collections yet.  In collaboration with Handsome Roasters (DTLA Coffee Perfection), the new Bixel Collection features an unparalleled layout depicting some sizzling tracks to get your ears wet, epic babe pics, and the hottest coffee on the block since Columbia quit putting shneeks in their brews!  Grab some coffee here now while supplies last and make sure to froth the Bixel Collection here and just let the sensory euphoria sink right in!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Magician - Magic Tape 18

One of the greatest things of 2011 has been The Magician's (formerly of Aeroplane) Magic Tapes.  Always on the forefront of the electronic music/daytime disco scene, The Magician always entertains, amazes, and surprises the masses with his consistency, his seamless mixing, and a sleeve full of exclusive tracks that appear out of thin air!  Here's the 18th in his series, enjoy!

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Monday, December 19, 2011

No Shirt / No Shoes DJs @ The Pump Haus TOMORROW

Your favorite party enablers from the greatest summer party of all time aka No Shirt / No Shoes Crew are back with a vengeance!  Since we last left off, the crew has only grown stronger by numbers and frothier with mega chunes to make you move and groove.  Cruise out to The Golden Gopher tomorrow night, wear lots of sunscreen, and celebrate the new Handsome x Bixel Collection - a new frothy treat brought to by the lords of Bixel and Handsome Coffee Roasters!  So prepare to froth out with your moth out and reminisce with da crew as we all pretend it's summer again, make some bad decisions, and wake up with a sunburn and floaties on...

ft Bixel Boys, Tropicool, SAH, Junkyard & AMPAL Party Posse
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Sterling Spencer's Surf Madness

The classic character Sterling Spencer is at it again!  This time he's spliced his bizarre/legendary antics with great surfing for over a half hour of fun.  Knock yourselves out!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flight Facilities - Foreign Language Music Video

Probably one of my top 3 favorite songs of summer to jam.  Now the music vid makes it even more pleasant to enjoy like eye candy for the soul...
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

George Benson - Give Me The Night (SAH Re-Froth)

Greetings from the road!  Tour life has been freaking Sahhh Epic thus far and I've only just begun!  The main purpose of The 2011 SAHdomy Tour is not only to froth peoples faces off but also to celebrate the latest Re-Froth releases.  As you may very well know, the first Re-Froth was non other than the legendary Mr. Luther Vandross' track entitled I wonder (SAH Re-Froth).  As time progressed and as my soul yearned for more and more, I upgraded my drum kit thanks to Mr. Viceroy's local knowledge, and took a stab at a classic disco sample.  It is with froth and pleasure that I present to you my second Re-Froth entitled: George Benson - Give Me The Night (SAH Re-Froth)!

This Re-froth channels the inner funky froth inside of my soul while the tempo from the last Re-Froth has taken a slight leap and is sure to get your booty bangin whether you're clubbin' or nubbin'!  As mastered by my mate >icknick< and artwork done by the talented Mr. Po of The Ampal Creative (found on Pistols & Lipstick) this Re-Froth is yours to download for FREE once I reach 807 Likes on my Facebook Page!  Until then friends, enjoy it loud and froth it proud!
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The 2011 SAHdomy Tour

Froth levels are through the roof!
My time to take Frothing to a global level has finally come!  I got a call about a month ago from a big agency saying that Trojan was apparently keeping tabs on me and liked the way my pubic hair blows in the wind when I DJ.  As such, they threw down a Tour offer that was too good to refuse!  100 Countries in 200 days (including but not limited to: the US, Colombia, Chino Hills, Bratislava, and the World's FIRST Underwater DJ Set), free profos for life, and a Country Club Forty at every venue I play.

Along with this great news, I've also decided to release my 2nd Re-Froth entitled: George Benson - Give Me The Night (SAH Re-Froth) and will give it out for free 320 download once my Facebook Page reaches 807 likes!  The Re-Froth will hit the streets soon but in the meantime, my bags are packed, my DJing hand is preserved in a bullet proof glass can chalk full of Re-Froths, and in no time, I'll be on my merry way.  Check out the promo vid with more info and tour dates below and cruise out to a gig or two in SAHport of the Froth and the Foam!        

Stay Weird, and I'll Do The Same
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Life's Better Underground

Last Friday's underground festivities found all the rebels in an undisclosed location frothing brews, rocking out to some legendary DJs, and watching in amazement as Those Folks ripped up the ramps.  It was as if I were back at Leatherhead's; life's better underground...
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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dane Reynolds 2 for 2 for 2

The man, the myth, the legend that is Dane Reynolds is at it again!  2nd year in a row getting 2nd place for the Surfer Poll Awards and 2nd time in a row that his acceptance speech was nothing short of legendary.  No matter what he does, he never seems to Lose Interest… Cheers to Dane for keeping it weird!
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The Pump Haus

The Boyz are back in town...

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Because It's Worth It

Feel like shit?  This oughta help...
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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It Was All A Dream, I Used To Read Surfer Magazine...

It was the summer of 2003, SaffrSnax aka The Butcher and I were sophomore groms frothing at the bit when we got the call...  

Two spots had opened up on what would normally be a 3 year waiting list, it was now or never, pull the trigger or forever dream of what it would be like to experience the Dreamland that is the Island better known as Tavarua, Fiji.  Without hesitation, we booked the trip, packed our bags, and got there in the blink of an eye.  Once on the island, we surfed our brains out to the point where we'd have to take 6 ibuprofen just to be able to walk in the afternoons.  Life was good on the Island Life was perfect on the Island.  With nothing more than a bed, a fan, and a toilet inside our Bures; anything more seemed excessive in comparison to life's greatest pleasure that lay in our backyard; the perfect pealing lefts of Cloudbreak & Restaurants aka "Straunts".    

After 10 days of Cloudbreak all to ourselves and no more than 10 other people, we were convinced we had died and gone to heaven.  Although some of the veterans on the trip informed us that our swell period was somewhat sub-par to the level of perfection that the Island is capable of, in our minds we had surfed some of the best waves in our lives and nobody could take that away from us, nobody.

Our last day on the Island was bitter sweet, almost like all those times your mom had to pry your hands off of your favorite video game just as you were about to beat the final level...  Our last session saw a rising swell that went from waist to chest to overhead within an hour and didn't seem to stop growing as we were forced to get out of the water and rush to our flight back home.  As we sat on the flight, our minds filled with slide shows of green rooms, kava, and racing sections; no amount of magical cookies or sleeping pills could set our minds at ease.  We had tasted the forbidden fruit and we yearned for more...

By the time we got back to California, my inbox had a message from the trip leader stating that the swell had grown and Cloudbreak was too big to surf, Straunts was simply perfect, and Rights was pretty damn good too.  Whether or not I should have read that email will remain uncertain but one thing's for sure, the Island of Tavarua will forever be etched in my mind as a place where unparalleled happiness can be achieved with nothing more than a surfboard and some wax...
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Just when I thought technology couldn't get any lamer... Really?  Reallly?
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Re:Mix Lab ft Yeasayer & College

Another dope party going down tomorrow night in the streets of Downtown LA!  Antenna Mag, Dub Frequency, and Hyundai are bringing you DJ sets by the legendary Yeasayer, College, and DJ Neil Armstrong; NOT TO MENTION AN OPEN BAR ALL NIGHT LONG BABY!  With so many frothy things going on tomorrow evening, I'm starting to feel like Zack Morris and just wish I could have it all...

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Tropicool - Gooch Tape #2

Best description ever:  "Sitting on a moustached throne atop the highest west coast palm tree … the geiser of synthesizer, the dali of mali, the crisco oil of disco soil. the sea lion smooch and the dandelion gooch…. our friend mr david la melza, aka Tropicool, the disastermind behind such bloggage as GDD & Mindtai." - Guns In The Sun

Couldn't have said it better myself!  In true form, I'm a bit fashionably late on this one but my mate Tropciool is back with another banger of a mix that's sure to leave you stranded on a tropical island with nothing but a bottle of Malibu Captain Jameson Moonshine Pure Rubbing Alcohol and a breathtakingly beautiful baby ready to please you like it was your last day on Urf!  Press play, close your eyes, and let your mind transport you to a better place, a happy place, a Gooch place...

Also, if you're in LA tomorrow and are looking for some good ass DJ sets, the mates Tropicool and ///BONES are opening up for The Juan MacLean.  Straight up, The Juan MacLean threw down one of my favorite DJ sets EVER at Hard Fest this year, the guy fucking kills beats for fun!  More info here.
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Myrt Mondizler: Lana Del Rey

Highly influenced by the glitz & glamour of The Old Hollywood, singer/songwriter Lana Del Rey derives her name from a combo of Lana Turner and the Ford Del Rey.  Her tune entitled "Video Games" gives off a somewhat eerie and nostalgic sensation and seemingly yearns for a time when the motion picture industry was booming and guys like Jimmy D and the Rat Pack were walking Kings among men; the video is nothing short of brilliant.  With a voice like a dove and steez like Betty Grable, it ain't no surprise that this myrt is a star on the rise...

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SAH 2.0

Oi lads, lords, myrts, and such…
I figured it was about time I gave the site a bit of a face-lift.  So instead of giving getting another facial, I added a few things and now you can spread the froth by using the facebook like and send features as well as enjoy the luxury of a wider body without having to do the walk of shame the next morning!  Just imagine the possibilities for the Myrtle Monday's to come…
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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bixel Boys - Electronic Spotlight - Coming Soon

If you haven't gotten your ass over to the latest Bixel Collection (more on that later), now would be a great time to do so!  In the meantime, enjoy this preview of what's to come for the legends that go by the name of Bixel Boys.  This is going to be Epic...
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Jay Fresh - The Delta Project

Recently I've been expanding my horizons and diversifying my music a lot more than normal; so when my homey Court (P & LS) sent over some hip hop jams, I was amping to get such a roots treat!  Her buddy Jay Fresh is a hip hop artist comin out of the indie music scene in Dallas, TX and is sportin some mad beats and sick flows.  Recently, Jay collaborated with Pretty Lights on a project entitled: The Delta Project; a musical collaboration filled with Pretty Lights instru-MENTALs and fresh Jay Fresh flows.  Check out some of da killa jamz in the project below:
      The Delta Project | Jay Fresh Vs Pretty Lights by thejayfresco

If that wasn't enough, Jay also just released a video for his track entitled "Amazing" that features a nostalgic feel of groms doin what groms do best; skating & causing trouble!  The vid takes me back to the days when we'd run to the beach (rain or shine), surf our brains out, get picked up by our babysitters/parents, and then creep the streets looking for the closest thing to cop a feel to...

With a mind full of creative flows and a bag full of tricks, it's a no-brainer that Jay Fresh is goin places!  SAH-Port Jay Fresh and his musical talents here:
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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Jacques Bolsey Project

My good mate Owl Bundy aka Camizzler has been as busy as a greyhound at a rabbit brothel lately; and for good reason too!  Amongst other things, his most recent intriguing/creative endeavor is taking on a documentary about thee good sir Jacques Bolsey; the legend behind the World's finest film camera; The Bolex.  Co-produced, directed, and shot by thee Owl himself, the trailer below is a small sample of the epic greatness that always occurs when the Owl gets off his perch, sets his sights behind the lens, and swoops in for glory!

"A revealing and personal documentary following Bolsey’s footsteps through the United States, Russia, France and Switzerland, as told by his great-granddaughter."
Support Da Owl and his roots project here on Facebook and here on IndieGogo!
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WaveJet = KookShit

How fucking lazy is America and how anti-social is surfing getting?  Next thing you know we'll all be taking chairlifts out to the line up while eating a Big Mac, checking our email, and listening to Nickelback on our waterproof iPhones ...
#LardAss #KookShit #DontFuckWithNature
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Monday, November 28, 2011

Clash of the Legends; Momentum Generation

Didn't make it out to the North Shore this year but I've been watching the comps and spraying some mystic on my balls and it almost feels like I'm right there in the middle of all the action.  Even though I've seen bigger waves at El Porto on a tuesday in July, the actual idea of this year's Clash of the Legends at the Reef Hawaiian Pro was as good as it gets!  4 of my favorite Momentum Generation idols in the water at once, shralping Haleiwa for their stake at guts, glory, cheddar, and bragging rights until the next showdown.  Check out the clip below as my boy K Robb battles some hefty ankle biters against da boyz: Rossy, Shane-Do, and The Mob.  It's almost like watching The Show minus the greatest soundtrack of all time, classic skits, and umm oh yeah GOOD waves...

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Myrtle Monday: Paula Abdul

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Groms At Play

Never underestimate the power of a good imagination...
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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuneage: Viceroy + Goldroom

It's been a hot minute since I've posted some good tunage on here and I figured it was about time I shared some goodies with you all.  First up is the SF mate Viceroy who you may all remember from the legendary day down at the Standard this summer or the Blow Up party in SF.  Viceroy's only been frothing in the NuDisco/80s-Synth game for less than a year now and he's already left quite the heavy mark.  With over 24 groovy tracks under his belt and remixes that have seen the likes of over 270K plays, it's pretty evident that VIceroy's making waves comparable to Mavericks or Jaws!  One of my favorite Viceroy tracks ever is entitled: "Sunny Daze" and is just one of those songs that no matter where you are in the World or what season it is, it's summer just as long as the track is playing!  Check out his latest EP entitled "Sunburn" below and froth the night away till your skin starts peeling:

Sunburn EP + Bonus Remix by VICEROY

Next up is an LA based mate DJ/Producer who goes by the name of Goldroom who was also part of the wildness that was No Shirt / No Shoes this summer!  Goldroom has been on an absolute tear lately pumping out dance-floor Bangers one right after another.  Recently, his remix of Gigamesh's track entitled "Red Light" has taken the World by storm while also catching the eye of Legendary Producer/DJ The Magician who featured it as his first track in Magic Tape 16 (for those of you not electro-savvy, this is equivalent along the lines of getting the cover shot in Surfer Mag).  Ontop of that, his latest remix for Niki & The Dove is steadily growing popularity and is currently sitting at number 3 on hypem (heart it HERE to help it reach #1).  Check out some of his latest below and see for yourself why he's got the Golden touch:
Remixes by Goldroom

If you're in the LA area Tomorrow Night, be sure to stop by the Avalon for Control and check out the Honey Lounge where both Viceroy (Vitalic Noise) and Goldroom will be DJing along with Binary legends: Fabian and Short Circuit!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The AMPAL Creative's FW 2011 Collection

Hat Hot off the press, The AMPAL Creative's new headwear line for their 2011 Fall/Winter collection is stunningly brilliant and physically some of the most comfortable hats ever worn!  As AMPAL puts it:
"Our Fall/Winter collection includes our bestselling snapbacks in a diverse range of premium winter textiles as well as a few new styles of headwear.  As always, we hand pick every material to ensure the highest quality."
With new creative twists on their classic snapbacks and a new array of unique yet Dope articles of headwear, their new line is not only guaranteed to have you steezin n' breezin for the beach & da clubs but it's sure to warm your head faster than any bottle of scotch could ever do!  It's hard to say which one I like the best out of the whole line but I've already gotten myself a Frothin and a REMINGTON and I sure as hell ain't gonna stop there!  Warning: SAH highly recommends you super glue your hat to your head immediately after purchase because bitches be like vultures and will try to steal these beauties right off your fucking skull!  Peep it:
All photos shot by the legendary Taylor Scott Dunfee, "these images are straight out of the camera and have not been photoshopped or digitally altered - a creative mind is always the best tool for the job." - AMPAL

"All models are not wearing make up nor have they been airbrushed - ridiculously good looking people are always the best tools for the job." -SAH
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Taylor Dunfee's 'Don't Lose Your Head' Art Show

Lsat Thursday I had the privilege of DJing at my homey Taylor Dunfee's art show entitled: "Don't Lose Your Head" at the White Gloss Gallery in DTLA for Art Walk.  Surrounded by amazing art, creative people, and happy faces; it was pretty evident that Taylor's art had a strikingly positive and inspiring effect on people once they entered the room and their eyes met his awesome works.  My buddy Junkyard did a great in-depth post  about the opening show on the MindTai site here, in the meantime check out some of the pics he snapped  and some pics by the artistĂ© himself:  Truly beautiful works of Art! 
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Monday, November 14, 2011

Duran Duran - Girl Panic! dir by Jonas Akerlund

It's never too late to have two Myrtle Mondays in one day, although the following video could suffice for a years worth of Myrtle Mondays; it's just that fucking good!  The legendary Duran Duran is at it again and this time they've cooked up an extremely spicy music video for their new single entitled "Gril Panic!" from their new album 'All You Need Is Now'.  As you may very well know, the band has been known to be one of the very first to add super-models into their music videos, and their latest is no exception.

In true Duran Duran style, they hired a legendary director (Jonas Akerlund), sprinkled in a few attractive females, wait, wait, wait!!!  Not just a "few attractive females", the video stars 5 of the most well known super models of our era who you just might very well know.  Does: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigoa, or Yasmin Le Bon ring a bell?  If not, you might as well just go chop your wang n' scrot' off and feed 'em to the birds.   Anywhoo, enough with the chit chat, go grab a beer and prepare for the best 9 minutes of your life…

Wait, where's the band?
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Luther Vandross - I Wonder (SAH Re-Froth)

Oi lads, lords, and myrts!
After quite the glorious DJ bender this summer where frothing soared to new heights; Fall & Winter came quicker than me and my first cougar encounter of the third kind!  As the water gets cold, the pool freezes over, and I slowly turn into an albino, I've decided to give a stab at producing.

Fresh off the Traktor boat, and Just off the Ableton Jet, I've decided to start things off with a re-work that intends to transport you back to a time when myrts, shneeks, synth, and beats ran as free as Larry Bird at a Big & Tall store.  I'm talkin about the 80's man!

It is with much pleasure & froth (of course) that I present to you my first "re-work" entitled: Luther Vandross - I Wonder (SAH Re-Froth),  I found a gem of a sample belonging to the legendary Mr. Vandross and spiced it up a bit for the modern dance floor.  With plenty of added synth, claps, fx, samples, and cow bell to keep you grooving till, well, the cows come home, I hope you dance, froth, and have as much fun experiencing this Re-Froth as I did making it!

Luther Vandross - I Wonder (SAH Re-Froth) by SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO
Big shout out and props to the master of mastering who mastered this track, my mate: >icknick<
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MM: Daughter

Sometimes it's nice to leave the turn tables at the club and get back to da indie roots.  Elena Tonra of Daughter is definitely no exception to these roots.  With a poetic indie undertone on most of her tracks plus a comfortably haunting voice that almost reminds me of Regina Spektor meets Marina & The Diamonds; her tunes are a nice retreat on gloomy days, chilly nights, and most particularly the nights you get lucky and the mornings that they're still there…

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

G Mac's "90 Footer"

Fark, Brada/Uncle G-Mac's "90 Footer"!  Looks like he could read all of Moby Dick on the way down...
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Ke11y Slater's 11.5th World Title

Can you imagine what it would be like if your whole life you thought your Birthday was on April 20th but then some rando informs you that it's actually on the 21st?  Or what if Publisher's Clearing House came to your lad pad with a check for 150K, busted down your door, threw animal balloons in your face, and had Chris Hanson sit you down only to find out that the check was made out to your neighbor?  The list of jokes could go on about Ke11y Slater's 11th and 11.5th World Title and the unfortunate miscalculation that now makes us surfers look way more stoopider than we already are...

November 6th, a brisk Sunday in the Bay, I was frothing in my snow boots trying to get my lurk on at Rip Curl's 7th Official Search Contest.  Only needing to win one more heat to Officially clench his 11th World Title, the pressure was on for King Slates as he set froth forth to shred against up-and-coming super groms: Miguel Pupo and Gabriel "Funky Cold" Medina (the eventual winner of the comp).  As the three set to the sea, people from far and wide flocked to the water's edge to witness the official crowning of Ke11y's 11th World Title, this time fo reals...

As you can see, the competition was fierce but the uber groms (who were probably soiling themselves in their nighties by the time Kelly was getting his 8th World Title) were no match to Slater's backside floats, frontside hacks, and a barrell just after the buzzer that proved yet again why Kelly is hands down the best surfer that ever lived and put to rest any jokes about his initial Title Fart Farce.  Rightfully so, Kelly was re-crowned and the masses frothed harder in amazement than they ever have before...

From Curren's' generation to the momentum generation, Andy's generation to the new wave Dane x Jordy generation, and now the John John x Kolohe x Medina grom generation - Kelly has straight up schooled, fooled, ruled, and ridiculed beyond any comparison; and it doesn't seem like he's planning on leaving his empire of dominance any time soon!  It is with much pride, respect, and froth that I'd like to congratulate the 11 Time World Champion: Kelly freaking Slater on his feats, his dominance, and his perseverance throughout his entire career!  Hats off to you mate!

Âș Make sure you mute the shit dubstep track in the video above and replace it with this one:
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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tropicool x SAH this Friday in the GDD Room

This Friday in the Gotta Dance Dirty Room of The Avalon (next to the main stage) the filthy frother better known as Tropicool and I will be laying down one of the nastiest tag teams since Tango and Cash had their way with Debbie from Dallas.  We'll be squirting out tunes from 10 to 12 in the GDD room while the 80's-vibe Legend who goes by Grum along with Miami Horror DJs will be ripping it up on the main stage; surely a night not to miss! 

Ontop of this madness, Friday night will mark the release of my first ever Re-Froth/"Remix" of a certain 80's Classic that I've been working on the past few days.  The re-froth shall only be heard once during my set and then it will be deleted, torched, and burnt forever!  Well, not exactly, but Friday will be the first day you'll be able to see and hear it live before it goes up on my Soundcloud the next week.  So be one of the first, the few, and the proud to shake your booty on a history making or breaking night!  

Discount RSVP
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