Monday, September 27, 2010

Myrtle Monday At Myrtle Beach

"What I once thought would be heaven on Earth has now turned out to be hell on wheels" -SAH

Myrtle Beach- a land rich with firing nude myrts, drinking fountains made of beer, and perfect peeling peaks ready to be frothed in more ways than one- tis only but a hoax!  My original vision of Myrtle Beach forever tattooed in my mind was similar to that of a fantasy land not made for mere mortals, a place where Poseidon reigns King, a place like no other...  It was my dream place, my mecca, my SAHrenity, until today... I came across a disturbing horror movie starring Myrtle Beach on youtube and now 2 out of my 3 dreams are forever shattered (1 = becoming a pro surfer, 2 = Myrtle Beach = heaven on Earth, and of course 3 = a jello orgy with the Olsen twins, Paris, Lilo, and Jamie Lee Presley)!  "So you're saying there's still a chance?"  As long as Lilo stays outa jail and the Olsen twins stay legal, may be all my dreams aren't forever shattered!  Until then my friends, I come bearing bad news, but please don't shoot the messenger, just punch your screen after you see this fucking trog montage at Myrtle Beach...
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Frothy Friday #1 At DSS Blogue

Hey mates,
got a lot of cool things in the works right now.  Pardone the lack of posts.  I know what you're all thinking, "damn that SAH fool must just be on a myrt bender right now and can't even remember how to type", unfortunately thus is not the case.  Basically, I've got my hands in a lot of cookie jars right now and am starting to feel the chocolate melt away and the cookie crumble!  (whatever the fuck that means).  Anyways, if you're in the LA area this weekend, get your ass downtown for the LA Craft Beer Crawl aka the fuckfest of the century!  If you're gonna be stuck in front of a computer tomorrow, get your nerdbot ass over to my DSS Blogue and froth out on my first ever Frothy Friday (a music feature featuring music and tons of it).  If you're gonna be in the water, don't go till Sunday, swell is on its way again and I've got some air practice to do over sponger buoys.  Until next time friends, live long and froth-herrrrrr....

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flynn Novak Wins Kustom Airstrike

 A while back I posted a clip of brada Flynn flipping out at Rocky Lefts.  Well turns out that same very flip won this man $50,000 as the official winner for this year's Kustom Airstrike Comp!  I'm proud to say that I've been snaked by a legend, that's right Flynn cut me off once at Rockys as I sat there dumbfounded by his pure speed and gnarly airs that he boosted right over my head.  Hell, if I were a loc on the rock, I'd snake a haole just like me too...

Congrats to Flynn for pushing the limits! And props to runner up Chippa for spinning outta control!  What's next, a barrell roll?  Faaaaackkkkkk
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gudang Bros Edit

Check out the latest edit I did for BNQT featuring Pat and Tanner Gudauskas aka "The Froth Squad" (Missing Supa Frother Bro Dane) as they shred some South Aus peaks and boost like mental freaks!  When all three of the froth bros are up in the mix, there's no tellin the level of froth that they can achieve!  Some have even said that they froth harder than SAH himself...
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hurley Pro Ho Bro Rodeo Yo

Eh Mates, 
I'm back from a long but epic week filled with nerbotting, shredding da left at Lowers, and getting completely baffled while watching the World's best surfers do what they do best; bend over any wave in front of them and make 'em beg for mercy!  Hands down, the Hurley Pro comp catered the best surf contest and progressive surfing that I've ever seen in my life!  For those of you who weren't there to witness the madness, don't fret, I've got you covered.  I frothed my holga uber hipster camera on most of the days and am awaiting those prints to be squeezed out, but in the meantime, take a gander at the myrt perv shots I got above (collage courtesy of my art department, $50 later...) and a quick snap I got with contest director and Endless Summer legend Pat O'.  More to cum soon...   

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DSS BLOGUE Radio SHOW #1 A Frothcast by SAH

I'm headin down to Trestles tomorrow to begin some nerdbot work on the Hurley Pro.  I'll try to grab some hipster holga pics and hopefully froth some flip vid footage in hopes of making a quick "SAH Goes Mental At The Hurley Pro" type webisode.  However, seeing as though I'll probably be busy up until the 18th and am not totally sure if I'll have long spurts of Internet access, I made a radio show yesterday so it's almost as if I never left!   Check out more info about the show here at my new Music Blog, or just play the clip below and froth away!  If you really wanna be creepy and/or stay up-to-date with what's goin down at the contest, I'll be sending frothy texts to my twitter account and updating the masses on all the asses!  Until next time, see ya later!

DSS BLOGUE RADIO PODCAST #1 by Da Sounds of SAHlence
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Electro Froth Party Gone Mad!

Peep this clip I edited for this funky fresh ElectroHell party we frothed at Drai's in Hollywood for Han Cholo's Fall Release party hosted by Shake The Hand at Dim Mak Cannonball Sundays.  I normally don't do the club thing but take a look at the mank in this vid and you're perspective might change much like mine has.  If you thought pro hoes at surf parties got down, you obviously haven't met pro hipster hoes yet, they go for the dudes with the longest beards, the most tats, and the skinniest jeans.  After 2 days of not shaving, plus my new froth tat, and accidently wearing some leftover myrt jeans, lets just say my days were numbered before I even walked into this place...

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trog Tuesday #1

I realized I missed out on yesterday's Myrt Monday; most likely because I was getting suffocated by recycled airplane air and the frequent stench of blue cheese feet!  But that is neither here nor there.  Since the day has past and I still have yet to find my time machine, I thought I'd bless you all with my first Trog Tuesday!

Male Trogs do exist!  Lil buddy Handa calls 'em "Ralphs"

Trog?  What's a trog you ask?  Simple my friends,
Troll + Frog = Trog.  Trogs can me male or female but are no doubt deadly in nature!  Adapted from some fellow Chaos Crew members, the descriptive word caught on like wild fire as people shortly began telling tales of trogs once slain in exotic yet mysterious places.  Hell, they even started a blog called Trog Farm that exploits the shameless rebellion found when "trogging".  Anyways, you get the point.

For the first Trog Tuesday, I thought I'd start off with the female species of Trogs who not only make me want to puke when I see their physical appearance but make me want to take a crowbar and shove it through my ears in hopes of silencing their hideous voices and idiotic sayings/rants!  I present you Trog Tuesday #1:

Khloe Kardashian 
A familiar breed of Trog, Khloe is what we like to call a "PiggyBacker" (no pun intended?).  Riding the fame and supposed success of her sextape sister Kim, she some how landed the dumbest fucking reality show in the world and convinced the dumbest baller to marry her (can you say Rohypnol?).  Shame.  

Complete idiot, famous for nothing, couldn't fight her way out of a wet paper bag, and most likely sponsored by Ed Hardy and Vagisil.  Double Shame.  
Ashlee Simpson
Another PiggyBacker with the most annoying voice on the planet.  I like to think that Ashlee was one of Hades' sirens in a past life.  She'd be the one screeching the deafening disturbance as you enter the under world never to return again muuuahahahahaaahaha!

Too much for you to handle?  Need some censorship and some music, cruise by DSS, I put up some new tracks on there and will be putting up my first podcast on there sometime this week!
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Friday, September 3, 2010

Breakfast at Epiphany's

Been having a lot of epiphanies and self realizations after taking my journey quest/spirit hike earlier this week.  Firstly, to the drive-thru worker at Taco Bell, sorry for the "fire in the hole" drill, I'm sure Mountain Dew will clean right off with a lil Tide-On-The-Go pen, plus I made sure to leave an extra 50 cents in the mens stall to pay for the ketchup that got on your visor.

Secondly, I realize the SAH blog has been neglected like a redheaded step child with down syndrome, and for that I apolojizz.  Seems to me, as I take a look at the blog now, it's littered in music and music videos; which is never a bad thing, but all that goodness takes away from the bizarre/perverted rants that originally made this blog.  So to solve this problem, I have made a new blog solely dedicated to music.  For those of you who may enjoy my taste of music but hate my uncensored rants, Da Sounds of SAHlence is the music blog for you.  But for those of you sicko motherfuckers who don't mind, and may actually enjoy when I talk about rein deers giving squidlips to Pinocchio all the while Miss Piggy furiously masturbates in the corner to a picture of Maury Povich getting a Lowe's eggbeater shoved up his crusted cornhole, well then be my guest!

I'm taking yet another spirit hike to Hsojua Tree this week (or in reality Trogtown USA) but when I get back, shit's gonna be different around here.  I'm gonna start doin some more weird shit like videos, good prank phone calls, interviews, and all that kinda shit that gives you a baby boner.  Anyways, have a great President's day weekend, see you when I get back, FROM THE GATES OF HELLLLLLL!!!

ps is it just me, or do you want to bitch slap everyone of those fucking kooks wearing that stupid fur shit?!
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