Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taylor Steele's InnerSection SoundTrack

After hours, days, weeks, and months of scouring the World Wide Web (actually it only took like 30 minutes), I've managed to rile up all of the tracks from Taylor Steele's latest video project entitled Innersection (See previous post for details).  Whether you're a lover of ElectroHell and Indie, enjoy all the tunes from the flick, or just want to find that song that you drooled over while Parko was seducing you with his laybacks, I've got it all right here!  Some songs you can play, some songs you can download, some take you to a video or an iTunes link, but ALL tracks are ready to be frothed!  Enjoy!
Intro:  Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros- The Desert Song *
Joel Parkinson:  The Joy Formidable- While The Flies
John Florence:  GBH- The Forbidden Zone
Mike Lossness:  The Naked & Famous- Punching In A Dream *
Peter Devries:  White Rabbits- Percussion Gun
Mikala Jones:  Fitz & The Tantrums- Money Grabber  *
Ben Bourgeois:  Future Islands- Flicker and Flutter
Gabriel Villaran:  Cycle- Apple Tree
Luke Cederman:  Late of the Pier- Space and the Woods
Brent Dorrington:  PAMPAMPAM!- Dark City Dancer *
Nat Young:  Royksopp- This Must Be It 
Ozzy Wrong:  Ozzy Wrong- The Unicorn From Planet Zorb
Marlon Gerber:  Chew Lips- Salt Air
Dylan Graves:  Las Robertas- Ghost Lover
Flynn Novak:  I Monster- Daydream In Blue *
Alex Gray:  Delorean- Metropolitan Death 3
Nate Tyler:  White Lies- E.S.T. *
Cory Lopez:  Nico Vega- This Too Shall Pass
Matt Meola:  Alice In Videoland- We Are Rebels *
Marco Giorgi:  Mumford & Sons- The Cave *
Pat Gudauskas:  Magic Wands- Black Magic
Josh Kerr:  Brad Sucks- Making Me Nervous
Ry Craike: Kasabian- Fire
Craig Anderson: DJ NM- Iglooo*** (Thanks to the 2 anonymous dudes for leading me to this track)
Clay Marzo:  The Macabees- No Kind Words
10X Kelly Slater:  We Were Promised Jet Packs- Keeping Warm
End Credits:  Tim Fite- Big Mistake
*Andy Irons Bonus Section:  State Radio- Knights of Bostonia

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  1. Nah buddy still searchin everywhere for it, I'll find it if it's the last thing I do! Any leads?

  2. I dunno man, but I went to my local hipster record store and asked the snobs there about some driving electro beats and they seemed clueless. Then I found your electrohell video. Hah. Still not sure if this is an actual genre, but I love that stuff. I've been scouring the net for it... hard to find.

  3. haha yeah record stores ain't as helpful as they used ta be! check out my music blog: for some more electrohell, and see the right side bar on here where it says "my music" for some of the mixtapes, mashups, and podcasts I've made that are chalk filled with sick electrohell beats! yeow!

  4. Is there a cd We can buy with all the songs???? what up?

  5. maybe is this?:

  6. sick! you found it but next step, how do you download it mate?

  7. DJ NM Iglooo? Watched the DVD on Saturday but didn't get through it (at a friends house and had to bail early). Thought I would try help your playlist. Is this it?

  8. Anonymous #3: thanks for the heads up!
    others email me for the DJ NM track...

  9. what's this song for the Andy Irons session ?

  10. No worries man, happy to help


  11. Hey man, and what about the Andy Irons memorial song, on the end of the movie?

  12. Ask and you shall receive brada!
    Andy's song is by State Radio- "Knights of Bostonia"

    I threw the link up on this post


  13. how can i download the playlist

  14. Any word on the Nathanial Dias song?

    1. couldn't find it because it doesn't exist. I made that track specifically for that movie. It only exists in that movie. Thanks for the interest though. If you want a copy of that song I could find someway to get it to you.

  15. on the Nat Young section there's an intro song. On the DVD says it's called "Beneath the Galaxy" from Nathaniel Dias, the album is "Burning Cloud". Can't find it anywhere. Anyone?

  16. where can i either buy or download the whole soundtrack as one?


  17. Hello Surf ambassor...would you send me DJ NMs song?

    For me that is the best section on the movie, i´m searching everywhere for it!!

    I would appreciate that.

    Thanks a lot,
    regards from brazil

  18. Hey...pls email me DJNM song...I'll trade you Cycle Tree MP3 if you dont already have it ;) Thanks!!! karen

  19. hey, don't know if you still get these comments...but if there is any way you could email me that DJNM song..have not been able to find it anywhere on the internet.. would be greatly appreciated! Thank yaaa

  20. Perfect work, Ambassador!!
    Thanks, let that and GO WAVE!!!!!!!