Wednesday, December 29, 2010

30 Sec Film Review: InnerSection

Surf media mogul T Steele is at it again, but this time you've decided his next movie's fate.  Kinda like a choose your own adventure (minus RL Stein), Taylor's latest flick entitled InnerSection is a movie that is surfer created, viewer selected, and ocean inspired (previously SAH-t after here).  I went to the premiere in Honolulu a while back and to be honest, I don't even remember there being a TV in the bar.  Anywhoo, the DVD is out now and the last remaining piece in the InnerSection puzzle is for you to decide whose part deserves to win $100,000!?    

With a cast filled with 25 super stars and hopefuls alike, InnerSection is definitely not lacking any surf porn.  In between the surf porn lies the occasional skit, amazing cinematography, and/or a skit that makes fun of skits.  Ultimately, the only thing that InnerSection lacks is myrt ass but it surely makes up for this lack with a pretty good soundtrack, which may or may not be posted on here shortly...

SAH's Top 3 Favorite parts:
1.)  Craig Anderson- Fluid and stylish surfing that he makes look too damn easy and too damn fun.  Helicopter shots + a feel-good electrohell summer-vibe track.  Truly motivating section.  Froth level: 8.5.
2.)  Marco Giorgi- Bag o' tricks, steezy turns, and sick pit stops.  Nice cinematography + classic Mumford and Sons track.  Somewhat emo, but still inspiring.  May have gotten first place if I was a regular foot.  Froth level: 8.
3.)  Matt Meola- Mind-baffling maneuvers, groundbreaking aerial tactics, and life above the lip.  Good edit + epic electrohell track.  This kid blew me away, he's definitely got a bright future ahead of him!  Froth level: 8.5.
* Bonus:  AI's bonus section

Great Expectations:
DVD cost: $27
DVD length:  1 hour 20 minutes
Good:  The Film is dedicated to the memory of AI.  It's chalk filled with mental surfing, some great songs, and some great cinematography.
Bad:  No Dane, no Jordy, no Mick, no K-Robb.
Ugly:  Losness, Cederman.
Expected stand outs that met expectations:  Parko, John John, Nat Young, Flynn Novak, Cory Lopez, Pat Gudauskas, Josh Kerr, Clay Marzo, Slater
Unexpected stand outs that exceeded expectations: Dylan Graves, Nate Tyler, Alex Gray, Matt Meola, Marco Gioorgi, Craig Anderson
Expected stand outs that unfortunately did not meet expectations:  Marlon Gerber, Ry Craike
Myrt count: 1 Nurse (mad decent)
Would I take this DVD with me on a deserted island? Yes
Would I wipe my ass with this DVD? No
Would I use this DVD as a coaster at Adelitas in TJ while watching a donkey show and talking to Rick Ross on the celly?  May be
Will I be looking to edit a pro's part for the next InnerSection?  Yes
One word to describe: Shweet
Overall Froth level (out of 10):  8

Props to all the surfers and filmmakers for progressing our sport and thinking outside of the (munching) box!
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