Saturday, November 6, 2010

Andy Irons; Eternal Legend

A celebrater of life and a striver of froth, I'm usually not one to be down in the dirts or found in a sub happy mood.  Out of respect to the legend that is Andy Irons, his family, and friends, I've dedicated this week to mourning the loss of an Eternal Legend.  The news shook me up and left me speechless for quite sometime.  After re-composing and gathering my thoughts, I'd just like to share a few stories and insights about the Andy Irons I knew and idolized.

I think the first time I ever saw Andy Irons was sometime back in the mid 90's when Billabong's movie entitled Alley Oop came out.  The vid starred mega-groms including: AI, Wardo, Timmy Curran, Taj, Yuri, and a few other legends all competing for the Billabong Jr. challenge somewhere in Aus.  At the time I was a grom with a brain like a sponge that took quotes from movies and overplayed 'em till people got sick of me (come to think of it, not much has changed).  Just my luck, the vid was packed with quotes and good surfing.  By far, Andy stole the cake for being the most memorable character in the flick loaded with quotes and a sick and smooth new style that I hadn't seen up until that moment!

Andy's patented layback hack will never escape my mind 
AI Quotes from Alley Oop:
1.)  "Chris Ward is a fa-reak dude, anybody who can do an air on a single fin is a fa-reak dude" said a young Andy after watching Wardo boost an air on some old skool retro lemon.  First quote loaded in the memory bank of SAH grom and used every other day.
2.)  "I fuckin love girls man, love 'em" expressed an excited Andy during a sit down interview.  SAH grom notes: Wardo and chicks are good, noted.   
3.)  "Screw the final dude, goin up to her place for a lil rendezvous after the final" expressed AI when asked about the prize money.  Wardo, chicks, and chicks; "shit this guy is fuckin rad" I thought to myself.  Little did I know that my new found idol tattooing classic quotes and stylish laybacks into my head, would some day become a 3 time World Champion, an absolutely unforgettable icon, a remarkable waterman, one of the sports best competitors to ever live, a great brother, a loving husband, and an all around eternal legend!  Also, little did I know that I would someday be in the presence of such a legend and have the utmost privilege of getting to watch him surf Pipe, Sunset, Haleiwa, and Lowers right before my awe-struck eyes!

The thing I loved best about Andy Irons was his realness in and out of the water.  He surely wasn't afraid to tell it like it was and surf his best no matter who he drew.  Andy was different, Andy had personality, Andy was a character.  Such admirable qualities are a breath of fresh air in a surf World sometimes doomed by lack of character and a sense of genuine realness.  Andy was absolutely real and will be forever missed.  

It is with all my heart that my deepest wishes go out to Andy, Brucey, Lindy, the Irons family, and all of Andy's friends and people whose lives he had a lasting memorable impact on just like he did me.  Thanks for the memories, the smiles, the quotes, and a unique style of surfing that was in a World of it's own!  Rest in Peace Eternal Legend Andy Irons and please be sure to save me a left when I see you on the other side...
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