Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who Is J.O.B. Premiere @ Red Bull HQ, Santa Monica

Arrogant.  Cocky.  Asshole.  Prick.   
These are just a few words that come to mind when most of the public and surfing world alike (including Kelly & Bruce) think to describe the surf star better known as Jamie O'Brien.  But what lies beneath the slander, rumors, and public image of J.O.B. is an untold story.  A story about a haole boy who persevered even when all the odds were against him!  A story that shatters all said perceptions and stereotypes!   
Red Bull HQ Open Bar = Open Legs Later
I stumbled over to the Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica for the premiere of Jamie's newest film entitled "Who Is J.O.B.".  Ever since I first saw the trailer, I knew this film would blow minds and drop jaws.  Indeed, how right I was!  With an all star movie making line-up consisting of Jamie (the A+ talent), the legendary Charlie Smith of Stab Mag (as director/shot calla), and my buddy Dayten Likness (as lead shrEditor), Who Is J.O.B. is backed by some of the most creative and innovative players that ever strolled through the surf World.  If that wasn't enough, add another one of my homies Scorpion Pete of Crap/Scorpion Breath as the music coordinator and you might as well stick a fork in this fucking film!
Most likely seeing double at this point; Dayten Likness (L) and Charlie Smith (R).
I dunno know whether it was the 2 redbull vods I had before, the fistpumping electrohell soundtrack, the mental barrells/airs/carves/tail wafts/and straight up nutso charging depicted through quick n steezy cuts, or the story line and insight into Jamie's life throughout the film that soared my froth levels through the roof, but as I sat there amidst a sold out theater, I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen!  
Plain and simple; Who Is J.O.B. is a brilliantly made surf film that dares to be different from all the rest of the typical surf porn out there.  By taking an original character (J.O.B.) and telling the story of how he got to where he is today spliced with surfing sections that instantly make you want to hit the water, Who Is J.O.B. would best be described as one hell of a roller-coaster ride!  Props to the filmmakers for taking an original idea, running with it, and creating something new, fun, and memorable.  It's about time surfing got some fucking character!  So to the cast and crew, thank you for that, and congrats on making a truly unforgettable and motivating flick!   
To top the night off, my mates over at Guns In The Sun brought out some real weapons and had their up-and-coming band American Royalty (aka the band whose song sets the J.O.B. intro on fucking fire)
take the stage and rock out to the star studded surf masses (Christian Fletcher, Brother Andino, Ian Walsh, and Turtle from North Shore to name a few)!   More on American Royalty to come, for now I'm gonna try and smoke off this fuckin red bull high cause at some point (in my life), I'd like to get up early and surf, fackkkkkkkk...
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