Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jordy Smith's Rap Song

If you don't live under a rock, than you already know that the title race is pretty much in Slater's hands unless Jordy steps up at Puerto Rico and places higher than an equal 5th (?) and/or Slater gets montezuma's revenge and is anchored by the worst case of mud butt ever (highly possible, happened to someone I know once) and the title is left to be decided at Pipe!  But fuck the title race, I'd rather hear about different shit like Jordy's rap song entitled "flying stealth".

Of course, when anyone on top branches out and tries something outside the box, there's gonna be haters all over the place; I think most would call it envy.  I ain't here to bash no one nor stroke off anyone who doesn't deserve it; I'm simply here to educate, emulate, and entertain.  So lets hear it, what do YOU think of the track Jordy laid down with Goldfish a while back?  

Jordy Smith vs. Goldfish- Flying Stealth

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