Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collaborative Media's Halloween Party w/MIIKE SNOW (dj) & EC TWINS Oct 29

Looking for something MENTAL to do Friday night?  Search no further!  My mates over at Collaborative Media are at it again and have set up a night that's sure to get you shakin, groovin, and ultimately laid!  With headliners including Miike Snow (DJ Set) and The EC Twins, plus a never ending list of my favorite DJs including: Hammerwolf (CM), Sweatpants (GITS), Scorpion Breath (GITS), Dr. Schlongo (GDD), Bones (GDD), and Kenya (GITS), you might as well put a gigantic trash bag next to your bed cause this night is sure to get weird and if you don't puke your brains out or wake up next to a wild orgy featuring Gumby and the Lil Mermaid, then you might as well stay in and sit on your thumb!  Check out the madness from last year, if you look hard enough you just might spot a few Poseidon's Posse members dressed to impress in their LA Yacht Club attire...

Pre-sale tickets are sold out but there will be tickets available at the door (first come first serve) or you can head on over here to get yo VIP tickets and drop bottles with models...
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