Friday, October 15, 2010

The 7 Mile Mixacle; A North Shore Inspired Mixtape

Aloha bradas,
Yeah,  I know, I'm a complete haole/landlocked/mainlander fresh off da boat/just off the jet kane frothing to get some tasty waves and a cool buzz, but that doesn't mean I can't play that funky music!  As unfortunate as the lack of posts on here have been lately, I like to think that what I'm about to give you will make up for my absence these past few weeks/month.  But lets keep the pansie chit chat to a minimum and get down to business.

As I prepare myself for yet another 7 Mile Miracle North Shore voyage working with WINDOWSEATpictures on the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing TV Show, I've been feeling inspired by the lure and treachery that lays within the captivating yet majestic waters of Hawaii.  So instead of running under water with boulders, taking anal suppositories of creatine, frothing double shake weights, and doing Kegel exercises, I thought I'd flex another muscle in my body; my mind and my ear.

It is with much pleasure that I present to you my third mixtape entitled "The 7 Mile Mixacle; A North Shore Inspired Mixtape".  I think that my friends over at The AMPAL Creative and Gotta Dance Dirty put it best when describing their Music Collabo, this mixtape sounds "best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet".  Similarly, I'd like to think that this mixtape will inspire you to boost at the toilet bowl section of Haleiwa, amp you to fight all the water pushing you around at Sunset, froth you to pull into that hariest drop/pit you never thought you'd make at Pipe/Backdoor, and give you the guts, the glory, and the gonads to say "fuck it all" and ride your Mt. Everest of a wave into the shorebreak, pull in, flip everyone off on the beach, and become legendary at Waimea during The Eddie.  If at the very least, I hope it makes your niples hard and your wang move a bit!

The 7 Mile Mixacle; A North Shore Inspired Mixtape by SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO

(To download, click the downward facing arrow on the Soundcloud player above!  Or I can make you a CD and send it to you if you're that lazy/retarded!)

1.  North Shore Movie Trailer Meets Jeff Spicoli On Freejolies
2.  Swick- Grow Up (Cassian Remix)
3.  La Roux- I'm Not Your Toy (Data Remix)
4.  Grafton Primary- I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)
5.  DiscoTech vs The Police- Roxanne (DiscoTech Remix)
6.  Arcade Fire- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Quaalude Edit
7.  Pharrell Williams ft Uffie- Add Suv ft Pharrell Williams (Armand Van Helden Club Remix)
8.  Earth, Wind, & Fire- Boogie Wonderland (Down N Dirty DJs Re-Chunk)
9.  Splinta The Rat- Posotove Rebel (Ft. Jenn Jenn)
10.  Two Door Cinema Club- What You Know (Cassian Remix)
11.  DCUP- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
12.  North Shore Movie Haole Sound Bite
13.  Sebastien Tellier- Killometer (A-Trak Remix)
14.  Talking Heads- Girlfriend Is Better (Bit Funk Edit)
15.  Miami Horror- I Look To You (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)
16.  Ass & Titties Sound Bite
17.  MSTRKRFT- Bounce Ft. NORE (A-Trak Remix)
18.  Deadmau5/Cut Copy- Ghosts On Fire (BetatraXx Remix)
19.  The MashMaticians- Will A G6 Roll (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Vs. Far East Movement)
20.  Fake Blood Vs. Richard Vission- I Think I Like That (Coda Collins Smash Up)
21.  Gorillaz- Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
22.  M.I.A. Vs. New Order- Blue Bucky Done Gun Monday
23.  Beastie Boys- Intergalactic (Acapella)
24.  The Ting Tings- Hands (Tommie Sunshine's 5AM Edit)
25.  Eiffel 65- Blue (Da Ba Dee)
26.  Chromeo- Don't Turn The Lights On (Vodka & Milk Remix)
27.  Hot Chip- Ready For The Floor
28.  Holy Ghost- I Will Come Back
29.  Bag Raiders- Shooting Stars (Cassian Remix)
30.  SAH Has Only Just Begun
31.  Deadmau5- Strobe (Original Mix)
32.  North Shore Movie Trailer Sound Bite #2
33.  All-Star Hawaiian Band- Aloha Oe
34.  Splinta The Rat- Track 20 Sound Bite
35.  Surf Ambassador Hendo Closing Argument

Special thanks to all of you who have supported me thus far and shout out to bk of Windowseat for da motivation brah!  Keep listening and I'll keep creating!  
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  1. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAA........ Shoots I'm so excited to listen to this right now.


  2. What's the song between 23 (Beasties) and 24 (Ting Ting Tings)?

  3. Hey mate guess what, you just WON! I was testing everyone to see if they'd notice I left out a track in between, and no one was the wiser but you my frother! The song is "We No Speak Americano" by Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP! I'll send ya a sticker or a shirt once I get more in, just email me at