Friday, October 29, 2010

Keeping It Roots with The Mr. Move

NY based rap, rocker, super frother who goes by the name of The Mr. Move, is fucking legendary!  Nuff said...

Thanks for the tip Purple Haze...
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Party Sauce x DTLA Rager

I'll be DJing a facking Raging Loft Party in Downtown LA tomorrow night with Poseidon's Posse's finest up in the mix.  Me and Coco Kai aka the dynamic duo better known as Party Sauce will be goin on around 11 and blasting straight filthy froth beats till 12:30.  Cruz out for a sud, a spirit, a squirt, and a sip or two and get ready to stomp the night away like lil buddy puss n boots down bellow:

If you're in the LA area, hit me up ( for Party details, shit's gonna get fuckin weird!
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Collaborative Media's Halloween Party w/MIIKE SNOW (dj) & EC TWINS Oct 29

Looking for something MENTAL to do Friday night?  Search no further!  My mates over at Collaborative Media are at it again and have set up a night that's sure to get you shakin, groovin, and ultimately laid!  With headliners including Miike Snow (DJ Set) and The EC Twins, plus a never ending list of my favorite DJs including: Hammerwolf (CM), Sweatpants (GITS), Scorpion Breath (GITS), Dr. Schlongo (GDD), Bones (GDD), and Kenya (GITS), you might as well put a gigantic trash bag next to your bed cause this night is sure to get weird and if you don't puke your brains out or wake up next to a wild orgy featuring Gumby and the Lil Mermaid, then you might as well stay in and sit on your thumb!  Check out the madness from last year, if you look hard enough you just might spot a few Poseidon's Posse members dressed to impress in their LA Yacht Club attire...

Pre-sale tickets are sold out but there will be tickets available at the door (first come first serve) or you can head on over here to get yo VIP tickets and drop bottles with models...
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Introducing: American Royalty

I've talked about these facking killaz a lil bit before but I'd like to do it right and formally introduce the World Wide Web to something your ears have most likely never heard before; a band that goes by the name of American Royalty!  When I was first given a shneek peak into their jams, I didn't really know what to do with myself because I was trying to comprehend the mashing of genres, the screaming synth, and the rockin guitars all at once (kinda similar to my first encounter of the 69th kind).  It wasn't until a few weeks later when I saw them live at Bardot, that I instantly became hooked!

Under the newly composed record label belonging to my buddies over at Guns In The Sun, it's clear that American Royalty is packin heat!  Having already played more than a handful of shows and having their song featured in Jamie O'Brien's latest flick (see below), it was only a matter of time that they released their highly anticipated single entitled "Lately" (also below).  As you will soon see, American Royalty prides themselves in fusing real Rock n' Roll with Synth heavy dirty Electro mixed with frequent classic dj samples, heart-pumpin drums, and sounds that just make you want to hit something or someone in the fucking face!  If American Royalty were a food, I'd say they're similar to a Sriracha drenched burrito dipped in whiskey and topped of with coco puffs!   Although the future is never certain in this life of ours, I can tell you one thing, these kids truly have the potential to pull the rug out from under the electro world, the rock world, and just plain music in general!

American Royalty - Lately (Single) by American Royalty

Check out their track entitled "Lately" above and head on over to the Guns In The Sun press release for more info!  Also, do not miss their record release party on November 13th at the Bootleg Theatre in Silverlake, shit is sure to be nasty!  
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who Is J.O.B. Premiere @ Red Bull HQ, Santa Monica

Arrogant.  Cocky.  Asshole.  Prick.   
These are just a few words that come to mind when most of the public and surfing world alike (including Kelly & Bruce) think to describe the surf star better known as Jamie O'Brien.  But what lies beneath the slander, rumors, and public image of J.O.B. is an untold story.  A story about a haole boy who persevered even when all the odds were against him!  A story that shatters all said perceptions and stereotypes!   
Red Bull HQ Open Bar = Open Legs Later
I stumbled over to the Red Bull HQ in Santa Monica for the premiere of Jamie's newest film entitled "Who Is J.O.B.".  Ever since I first saw the trailer, I knew this film would blow minds and drop jaws.  Indeed, how right I was!  With an all star movie making line-up consisting of Jamie (the A+ talent), the legendary Charlie Smith of Stab Mag (as director/shot calla), and my buddy Dayten Likness (as lead shrEditor), Who Is J.O.B. is backed by some of the most creative and innovative players that ever strolled through the surf World.  If that wasn't enough, add another one of my homies Scorpion Pete of Crap/Scorpion Breath as the music coordinator and you might as well stick a fork in this fucking film!
Most likely seeing double at this point; Dayten Likness (L) and Charlie Smith (R).
I dunno know whether it was the 2 redbull vods I had before, the fistpumping electrohell soundtrack, the mental barrells/airs/carves/tail wafts/and straight up nutso charging depicted through quick n steezy cuts, or the story line and insight into Jamie's life throughout the film that soared my froth levels through the roof, but as I sat there amidst a sold out theater, I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen!  
Plain and simple; Who Is J.O.B. is a brilliantly made surf film that dares to be different from all the rest of the typical surf porn out there.  By taking an original character (J.O.B.) and telling the story of how he got to where he is today spliced with surfing sections that instantly make you want to hit the water, Who Is J.O.B. would best be described as one hell of a roller-coaster ride!  Props to the filmmakers for taking an original idea, running with it, and creating something new, fun, and memorable.  It's about time surfing got some fucking character!  So to the cast and crew, thank you for that, and congrats on making a truly unforgettable and motivating flick!   
To top the night off, my mates over at Guns In The Sun brought out some real weapons and had their up-and-coming band American Royalty (aka the band whose song sets the J.O.B. intro on fucking fire)
take the stage and rock out to the star studded surf masses (Christian Fletcher, Brother Andino, Ian Walsh, and Turtle from North Shore to name a few)!   More on American Royalty to come, for now I'm gonna try and smoke off this fuckin red bull high cause at some point (in my life), I'd like to get up early and surf, fackkkkkkkk...
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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jordy Smith's Rap Song

If you don't live under a rock, than you already know that the title race is pretty much in Slater's hands unless Jordy steps up at Puerto Rico and places higher than an equal 5th (?) and/or Slater gets montezuma's revenge and is anchored by the worst case of mud butt ever (highly possible, happened to someone I know once) and the title is left to be decided at Pipe!  But fuck the title race, I'd rather hear about different shit like Jordy's rap song entitled "flying stealth".

Of course, when anyone on top branches out and tries something outside the box, there's gonna be haters all over the place; I think most would call it envy.  I ain't here to bash no one nor stroke off anyone who doesn't deserve it; I'm simply here to educate, emulate, and entertain.  So lets hear it, what do YOU think of the track Jordy laid down with Goldfish a while back?  

Jordy Smith vs. Goldfish- Flying Stealth

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Myrtle Monday: Bat For Lashes

Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes, so hip, so steezy, so myrtish!  Cheers!

Bat For Lashes- What's A Girl To Do 

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vid Of Da Week: 12th Planet & Juakali- Reasons (Doctor P Remix)

My neighbor 12th Planet is at it again with a fuckin banger track and a dope ass video shot right outside my window!  This is where we live, these are the myrts we froth, this is my life:

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Afends Clothing

Last week, some legendary lords from Byron Bay NSW Australia crashed with us and joined us for one hell of a bender!  Not only can these lads shralp, party like no other, and froth with the best of 'em, but they sure as hell can make some sick fucking clothing as well!  Their company is called Afends and if you don't know by now, they're about to take the World by storm.  Already legendary in Australia and gaining huge momentum globally, Afends is more than just a clothing brand, it's a livelihood!  

Whether you're lookin for a new flannel, an epic tee, some sick denim, a new myrt cap, or a myrt skirt, Afends has got you covered from head to toe with all things lordish!  Hell, they even have mental jewelry too!  Currently making a killing out of their three shops; one in Byron Bay, one in Sydney, and one in Kuta Bali, it's a no brainer that Afends are the walking definition of the Lords of Froth Town!  Be on the lookout for their Winter 2011 collection to drop, it's a scorcher!

SAH + Deco of Afends + Popo of Ampal @A Gotta Dance Dirty Event = A Reicpe For Disaster! (meanwhile Mr. Free is freeing it up somewhere)! 

Check out Afends website here, buy their shit here, add 'em on facebook here, and check out their story below:

Cheers to the Lords of Froth Town, yeow!
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Friday, October 15, 2010

The 7 Mile Mixacle; A North Shore Inspired Mixtape

Aloha bradas,
Yeah,  I know, I'm a complete haole/landlocked/mainlander fresh off da boat/just off the jet kane frothing to get some tasty waves and a cool buzz, but that doesn't mean I can't play that funky music!  As unfortunate as the lack of posts on here have been lately, I like to think that what I'm about to give you will make up for my absence these past few weeks/month.  But lets keep the pansie chit chat to a minimum and get down to business.

As I prepare myself for yet another 7 Mile Miracle North Shore voyage working with WINDOWSEATpictures on the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing TV Show, I've been feeling inspired by the lure and treachery that lays within the captivating yet majestic waters of Hawaii.  So instead of running under water with boulders, taking anal suppositories of creatine, frothing double shake weights, and doing Kegel exercises, I thought I'd flex another muscle in my body; my mind and my ear.

It is with much pleasure that I present to you my third mixtape entitled "The 7 Mile Mixacle; A North Shore Inspired Mixtape".  I think that my friends over at The AMPAL Creative and Gotta Dance Dirty put it best when describing their Music Collabo, this mixtape sounds "best with a babe in one hand, a cold brewski in the other, and the sand beneath your feet".  Similarly, I'd like to think that this mixtape will inspire you to boost at the toilet bowl section of Haleiwa, amp you to fight all the water pushing you around at Sunset, froth you to pull into that hariest drop/pit you never thought you'd make at Pipe/Backdoor, and give you the guts, the glory, and the gonads to say "fuck it all" and ride your Mt. Everest of a wave into the shorebreak, pull in, flip everyone off on the beach, and become legendary at Waimea during The Eddie.  If at the very least, I hope it makes your niples hard and your wang move a bit!

The 7 Mile Mixacle; A North Shore Inspired Mixtape by SURF AMBASSADOR HENDO

(To download, click the downward facing arrow on the Soundcloud player above!  Or I can make you a CD and send it to you if you're that lazy/retarded!)

1.  North Shore Movie Trailer Meets Jeff Spicoli On Freejolies
2.  Swick- Grow Up (Cassian Remix)
3.  La Roux- I'm Not Your Toy (Data Remix)
4.  Grafton Primary- I Can Cook (Miami Horror Remix)
5.  DiscoTech vs The Police- Roxanne (DiscoTech Remix)
6.  Arcade Fire- Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) Quaalude Edit
7.  Pharrell Williams ft Uffie- Add Suv ft Pharrell Williams (Armand Van Helden Club Remix)
8.  Earth, Wind, & Fire- Boogie Wonderland (Down N Dirty DJs Re-Chunk)
9.  Splinta The Rat- Posotove Rebel (Ft. Jenn Jenn)
10.  Two Door Cinema Club- What You Know (Cassian Remix)
11.  DCUP- Last Night A DJ Saved My Life
12.  North Shore Movie Haole Sound Bite
13.  Sebastien Tellier- Killometer (A-Trak Remix)
14.  Talking Heads- Girlfriend Is Better (Bit Funk Edit)
15.  Miami Horror- I Look To You (Go Go Bizkitt! Remix)
16.  Ass & Titties Sound Bite
17.  MSTRKRFT- Bounce Ft. NORE (A-Trak Remix)
18.  Deadmau5/Cut Copy- Ghosts On Fire (BetatraXx Remix)
19.  The MashMaticians- Will A G6 Roll (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Vs. Far East Movement)
20.  Fake Blood Vs. Richard Vission- I Think I Like That (Coda Collins Smash Up)
21.  Gorillaz- Stylo (Alex Metric Remix)
22.  M.I.A. Vs. New Order- Blue Bucky Done Gun Monday
23.  Beastie Boys- Intergalactic (Acapella)
24.  The Ting Tings- Hands (Tommie Sunshine's 5AM Edit)
25.  Eiffel 65- Blue (Da Ba Dee)
26.  Chromeo- Don't Turn The Lights On (Vodka & Milk Remix)
27.  Hot Chip- Ready For The Floor
28.  Holy Ghost- I Will Come Back
29.  Bag Raiders- Shooting Stars (Cassian Remix)
30.  SAH Has Only Just Begun
31.  Deadmau5- Strobe (Original Mix)
32.  North Shore Movie Trailer Sound Bite #2
33.  All-Star Hawaiian Band- Aloha Oe
34.  Splinta The Rat- Track 20 Sound Bite
35.  Surf Ambassador Hendo Closing Argument

Special thanks to all of you who have supported me thus far and shout out to bk of Windowseat for da motivation brah!  Keep listening and I'll keep creating!  
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bareback DJs Gotta Dance Dirty

The mates Over at Gotta Dance Dirty frothed up a lil post about Bareback DJs aka Paul Fisher of Fishtales and Leigh Sedley of the Aussie Posse.  Seeing as though it's almost Triple Crown season and we're all packing our lives away in a box at the office, the Bareback post couldn't have come at a better time!  Check it out here, and peep the tracks (+1) they laid out below:

Bareback Dj's - Mating Call by Bareback djs

chocolate nipples by Bareback djs

A Fish tale Bareback & Alex Mac by Bareback djs
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


A while back, I told tales of a trip to Trog City aka Seattle, California.  Upon said trip, I shot my first roll of film EVER and captured some madness.  Apparently the madness part was a lil too much for the camera to take (along with every fucking picture I shot at the Hurley Pro) and thus only a few indie hipster shots came out.  Move over Cobrasnake and Proxy Noise, there's a new Peeping Tom in town and he's SAH-fist-o-cated... 

ps 10 points for the first person to come up with a good sexual innuendo definition of getting "SAH-Fist-O-Cated"
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Electro Froth Fest Friday

My homies over at Gotta Dance Dirty put on yet another fuckin epic Control event last night featuring Etienne, some epic light shit, and a stadium packed with myrts ready to froth!  Chaos crew was goin fucking nuts... THANKS FOR COMIN OUT!  Shit was frothtastic! 

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