Monday, September 27, 2010

Myrtle Monday At Myrtle Beach

"What I once thought would be heaven on Earth has now turned out to be hell on wheels" -SAH

Myrtle Beach- a land rich with firing nude myrts, drinking fountains made of beer, and perfect peeling peaks ready to be frothed in more ways than one- tis only but a hoax!  My original vision of Myrtle Beach forever tattooed in my mind was similar to that of a fantasy land not made for mere mortals, a place where Poseidon reigns King, a place like no other...  It was my dream place, my mecca, my SAHrenity, until today... I came across a disturbing horror movie starring Myrtle Beach on youtube and now 2 out of my 3 dreams are forever shattered (1 = becoming a pro surfer, 2 = Myrtle Beach = heaven on Earth, and of course 3 = a jello orgy with the Olsen twins, Paris, Lilo, and Jamie Lee Presley)!  "So you're saying there's still a chance?"  As long as Lilo stays outa jail and the Olsen twins stay legal, may be all my dreams aren't forever shattered!  Until then my friends, I come bearing bad news, but please don't shoot the messenger, just punch your screen after you see this fucking trog montage at Myrtle Beach...
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  1. Absolute kook = Hendo
    This is a shitty blog and you are a slave/ Ambassador for nobody.

    Frothing to slap the kook out of you. Get back in your cage, you dirty hamster.

    You should have a blog called "kook salad" you fink.

  2. If it wasn't for hate mail, I wouldn't get any mail at all! Thanks for making my day Mailboomaleannnnzzzzzz! Froth on soja boi!