Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flynn Novak Wins Kustom Airstrike

 A while back I posted a clip of brada Flynn flipping out at Rocky Lefts.  Well turns out that same very flip won this man $50,000 as the official winner for this year's Kustom Airstrike Comp!  I'm proud to say that I've been snaked by a legend, that's right Flynn cut me off once at Rockys as I sat there dumbfounded by his pure speed and gnarly airs that he boosted right over my head.  Hell, if I were a loc on the rock, I'd snake a haole just like me too...

Congrats to Flynn for pushing the limits! And props to runner up Chippa for spinning outta control!  What's next, a barrell roll?  Faaaaackkkkkk
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