Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Electro Froth Party Gone Mad!

Peep this clip I edited for this funky fresh ElectroHell party we frothed at Drai's in Hollywood for Han Cholo's Fall Release party hosted by Shake The Hand at Dim Mak Cannonball Sundays.  I normally don't do the club thing but take a look at the mank in this vid and you're perspective might change much like mine has.  If you thought pro hoes at surf parties got down, you obviously haven't met pro hipster hoes yet, they go for the dudes with the longest beards, the most tats, and the skinniest jeans.  After 2 days of not shaving, plus my new froth tat, and accidently wearing some leftover myrt jeans, lets just say my days were numbered before I even walked into this place...

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