Wednesday, September 8, 2010

DSS BLOGUE Radio SHOW #1 A Frothcast by SAH

I'm headin down to Trestles tomorrow to begin some nerdbot work on the Hurley Pro.  I'll try to grab some hipster holga pics and hopefully froth some flip vid footage in hopes of making a quick "SAH Goes Mental At The Hurley Pro" type webisode.  However, seeing as though I'll probably be busy up until the 18th and am not totally sure if I'll have long spurts of Internet access, I made a radio show yesterday so it's almost as if I never left!   Check out more info about the show here at my new Music Blog, or just play the clip below and froth away!  If you really wanna be creepy and/or stay up-to-date with what's goin down at the contest, I'll be sending frothy texts to my twitter account and updating the masses on all the asses!  Until next time, see ya later!

DSS BLOGUE RADIO PODCAST #1 by Da Sounds of SAHlence
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