Friday, September 3, 2010

Breakfast at Epiphany's

Been having a lot of epiphanies and self realizations after taking my journey quest/spirit hike earlier this week.  Firstly, to the drive-thru worker at Taco Bell, sorry for the "fire in the hole" drill, I'm sure Mountain Dew will clean right off with a lil Tide-On-The-Go pen, plus I made sure to leave an extra 50 cents in the mens stall to pay for the ketchup that got on your visor.

Secondly, I realize the SAH blog has been neglected like a redheaded step child with down syndrome, and for that I apolojizz.  Seems to me, as I take a look at the blog now, it's littered in music and music videos; which is never a bad thing, but all that goodness takes away from the bizarre/perverted rants that originally made this blog.  So to solve this problem, I have made a new blog solely dedicated to music.  For those of you who may enjoy my taste of music but hate my uncensored rants, Da Sounds of SAHlence is the music blog for you.  But for those of you sicko motherfuckers who don't mind, and may actually enjoy when I talk about rein deers giving squidlips to Pinocchio all the while Miss Piggy furiously masturbates in the corner to a picture of Maury Povich getting a Lowe's eggbeater shoved up his crusted cornhole, well then be my guest!

I'm taking yet another spirit hike to Hsojua Tree this week (or in reality Trogtown USA) but when I get back, shit's gonna be different around here.  I'm gonna start doin some more weird shit like videos, good prank phone calls, interviews, and all that kinda shit that gives you a baby boner.  Anyways, have a great President's day weekend, see you when I get back, FROM THE GATES OF HELLLLLLL!!!

ps is it just me, or do you want to bitch slap everyone of those fucking kooks wearing that stupid fur shit?!
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