Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Watch-Thru Wednesday

Watch-Thru Wednesday (WTW) is kinda like a heavy petting zoo featuring music videos of songs that I like and/or think are weird/cool/hip.  Sometimes I play emo shit like Justin Bieber scissoring Zack Effron and then sometimes I play Slayer putting blades on the end of their guitars and stabbing wounded fawns.  Either way, think of it as a drive thru movie theater, just this time there ain't no Italian SAH-sage waiting for you at the bottom of the popcorn tub...

Albert Hammon Jr.- Gfc

Black Lips- Feels Alright

The Descendents- I'm The One

Florence + The Machine- Cosmic Love

Lykke Li- Dance Dance Dance

The National- Fake Empire

PNAU- Embrace

The Scare- Could Be Bad

Mylo- In My Arms (It tears my soul to pieces to be posting this vid cause [as everyone knows] I was the dude standing right next to this Abercrombie fuck-stick during the casting call of this vid!  Imagine the froth...)
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  1. hi! hit your blog by accident kinda. I have to say, if you play both Florence + The Machine and The National (two of my favourites from your list) at the same time, it actually sounds really nice at times. Just figured that out. haha!

  2. ha you're right! it does sound pretty sick at times, I smell a new mash up?!!!