Friday, August 20, 2010

Party SAHce Mashup #1

Yo mates, happy Friday, time to get yo fawkin froth on!
Just takin a peep out my window right now, myrts frolicking in the streets and bums frothing with boom boxes and what appears to be a sock necklace (wtf?).  If you're anything like the weirdos that surround me, you too are stoked it's Friday, so what better way to ring in the weekend than with Party SAHce's first ever Mashup?  Well yeah may be getting squidlips while frothing a duber would be a lil bit better, but stop your wishful thinking and get weird on da track!

Lets Pretend Mr. Rager Is A Holy Ghost Who Dances In Suburb Castles (Mash Up) by Party SAHce

My First Ever Mash up with Kid Cudi vs Eminem ft Holy Ghos!t, Arcade Fire, Justice, Oasis, Crystal Castles, Vanilla Ice, and Surf Ambassador Hendo.  I even added a lil synth flavor to spice the froth up a bit!  Yeah Shit got weird!
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  1. I've asked this before and you never responded so I will ask again, ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is there any way you could poop on my chest? Let me know, thankssssss.