Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Latest Nerdbot Froth

Seems like I haven't been posting much lately, unfortunately it's not because I've been on Mr. Toad's wild bender, more so because I've been geekin out in the cut cave and pumping out edits faster than an El Pollo Loco burrits will make you pump out a new pair of jeans!  Here's a recent one I did for Monster that features Bobby Martinez and the life he leads in and out of da water!

More nerdbot froth edits headed ur way!  If you're lucky, you might just get to witness a lil ElectroHell party we frothed and made a clip out of, can you say titaaaaaayyyyyyyssss??!!
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  1. ummmmmmmmmmmm quite disturbed that you havent responded to my poop on chest inquiry, I think its quite the interesting proposal, thoughts?

  2. buddy, your bark is bigger than your bite, PROVE ITTTTTTTTTT!!!!!

  3. "there is missions here" THERE IS ONE MISSION! THE QUEEN OF ALL THE CALIFORNIA MISSIONS! DER DER there "is" missions in Ventura & Lompoc though, but that isn't SB foo!