Monday, August 2, 2010

MM: Old Skool vs New Wave

Ever since our glorious wave-spoiled winter this year, the recent summer wave drout seems to be a surfing tragedy equivalent of not being able to get a boner for 2 weeks!  An eery sense of summer coming to an end raped me today as I surfed Malibu and my feet began to numb, my balls shrank, and my warm water wax got as hard as ice.  As I sat there shivering, I couldn't help but think to myself 'this summer, has without a doubt, treated us surfers and beach-goers alike unusually cruel, to say the least'.  The sun has been playing a game of just-the-tip with us for weeks on end, the water temp fluctuates like Britney Spears' weight, and the waves only come out when Poseidon isn't hungover!

To pay homage to The Summer That Never Came, I thought I'd start things off by frothin a lil Myrtle Monday paying homage to the original Cruel Summer song and vid by Bananarama compared to the new wave Cruel Summer song and vid by Ace of Base as remixed by DJ Douche Lord Rico Bernasconi.  Think of it as the ultimate dichotomy; Old Skool Osh Kosh B'gosh Overall fetish video featuring Gene Simmons at 3:16 vs. New Wave Tramp Stamp ElectroHell vid filmed on meth in Chino Hills.  The victor?  You decide...

Old Skool:

New Wave:
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