Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Down With The Ship Film Premiere

SAH & fellow Poseidon's Posse members gettin weird at da premiere with DD

Last Thursday marked the film premiere for Derek Dunfee's first film entitled Down With The Ship, and to say it was a frothy one, is an understatement of a lifetime.  As usual, fellow Poseidon's Posse members and myself, showed up a bit fashionably late (it's only fashion) but upon arriving I was completely blown away.  Not only was there a 6 minute and 23 second line outside filled with local legends but upon entering the  venue, the place was jam packed with surf stars and firing myrts alike!  I was amazed and so proud to see how many people came out to support Derek, Taylor, Ryan, and their new film.  "This may be one of La Jolla's biggest nights in years" said Johnny Boy Chez as we scoured for seats, and indeed it was...  

DWTS Filmmakers: Taylor Dunfee, Derek Dunfee, and Ryan Broomberg breakin it down!

After a quick lil intro speech by the man of the hour (DD), the lights went out and the silver-screen was set ablaze!  Bro calls and myrt hoots could be heard from miles away as the projector rolled and the screen flashed with terrifying images of Derek straight up bending over places like Puerto, Mavs, and the likes as he pulled into some heavy pits, got spit out, and made some gnarly ass drops!  In between the madness, the movie went on to depict a bit about Derek's life and the events leading up to him winning the 2009 XXL Monster Paddle-In Award.  Most notably, we follow Derek on his journey from tragedy to triumph; tragedy being when a huge Cloudbreak lip broke his leg in two separate places and triumph being when he achieved his dream and won the award.  I was taken aback when witnessing Derek's dedication to rehabbing his leg as he began charging Puerto monsters with a freaking boot on his foot, kids got balls!   Ontop of Derek charging some heavy ass waves, the film had a section with some of his friends (notably: Healey, Twiggy, The Long Brothers, Noel Robinson, and local shralpers like Johnny Monster, Jojo, and Lele) just losing their minds and pulling into mental death bombs!     

As the film ended, I thought the roof was gonna fly off the facking place as people started going absolutely nuts and cheering their faces off!  With awesome/creative custom graphics/fonts made by Taylor Dunfee that literally bring the film to life, clean cut and steezy editing by Ryan Broomberg, a narrative about Derek's achievement that instantly motivates you, and a soundtrack that'll make your noggin be boggin as if you were troggin, Down With The Ship packs a heavy punch that most certainly gets the Ambassador's seal of approval!  Big ups and hats off to Derek, Taylor, and Ryan for making such a remarkable film that shocked and amazed the masses till their jaws hit da floor!  Despite the number of times I almost shat myself in fear during the flick, Down With The Ship is a feel good movie that will inspire you to follow your dreams no matter the obstacles that try to take down your ship...
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