Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Why Does Poseidon Hate Amurika?

Pretty much, this year's Fourth of July was no where close to the usual Froth of July Fest that exists amongst SD, Zooport, and the likes of any Cali party town.  Sure, people were still raging at pool parties, stuffing their faces with hot dogs (or the occasional Italian SAH-sage), rubbing lube over tramp stamps, and drinking good ol' fashioned Pabst; but when I strolled down to the beaches twice, it was as if someone dropped a stink bomb in the auditorium!  It was as if the beach turned into the kid who used to be cool but got caught yankin it to meat spin and now nobody ever answers his calls, wants to go to his house, or even give 'em a nod in the halls.  The place was deserted!  In my eyes, the Froth of July ain't no party unless it's on the beach!

Nostalgic for the beaches filled with babes frothing in the water and on the sand, da boyz cookin some meat on da beach, biking into pools with free bikes (true story dot com), sippin some coldies, and getting so burnt that you can't sleep right for the next 2 days, I am asking Poseidon to give us a redo so that we may properly celebrate the Froth of July!  Hell, if the sun comes out next weekend, I say we just facking pack our shit, go to the beach, and pretend like this 4th never happened.  Lets celebrate the way it's meant to be; nude, frothing on the beach, air contests, sunshine, warm water, Beach Party Crap shades, AMPAL tanks, silver bullets, beer bongs, jello shots of zima, getting kicked out of cougar parties, and just straight raging till the sun goes down!

Poseidon, give Amurika one more chance!
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