Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Updates 07/26/10

Now instead of just posting the weekly SAH updates on the sidebar and on creepbook, I'm gonna also try and throw 'em all together in one post.  Think of it as a goodie bag filled with wax, shneex, profos, freejoles, lil ringa, lube, and even some squidlips if you're lucky...

ElectroHell Tune Of Da Week:
Cosmo Black- When Night Becomes The Morn (DCUP Remix)
Great summer jam with a groovy disco vibe to it that ultimately musically and lyrically describes that all too familiar situation...

Vid Of Da Week:
Eli Smith- Party All Knight
Pretty epic song and vid featuring some classic vintage city, cop, skate, and froth footage...

Steez Of Da Week:
Lost Enterprises' "Lawsuit" Tee
I think I like this shirt not only cause it screams "fuck off, don't fuck with me" but I'm pretty sure this one chick who poked me on facebook once had this as her profo pic, if only she looked like this sober...

Do You Like Bass?
Dim Mak Tuesdays at Cinespace in Hollywood presents: Midnight JUGGernauts + Afghan Raiders + DCUP!  This is sure to be one hell of a frothy ElectroHell show.  I feel bad for those of you have work the next day, must be nice... 

Sud & Spirits
Swimming With Sharks @ The Standard Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles 
Contrary to what this dudecruise pic may depict, this event is always an epic froth-fest filled with babes, booze, boobs, and brewz...

Gram & Pappas DTLA
SAH Suggest: Prosciutto or Chicken Sandwich 
Went here the other day with some of the Crap & AMPAL frothers and lets just say my pants grew 4 inches before, during, and after, and I'm not talking about at the waist... 
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