Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wardo Wednesday

Fack mates!  I swear there's a mole out there somewhere who has planted a bug on me or is reading my lips with his binox (binoculars) from across the way or some crap like that!  I was gonna do some ridiculous shit for today's Wednesday post but some dickhead security guard was patiently awaiting my presence when I showed up to an undisclosed venue to froth some weirdness.  Some would call it fate, others might call it serendipity, I just call it flat out Tom Mole-ery!  Anyways, instead of my initial plan, I've decided to once again enlighten you all on why Wardo is one of the best surfers of all time.

Not only does he shape shift AND rap:

Old people love him when he shape shifts into a woman:

He plays guitar:

He can sing like an Angel:

His Punk-Rock/Don't Give A Shit style can not be beat.  Wardo, age 16:

10 years later, at age 25, still ripping and shreading like no other, Wardo rips Pipe right before my eyes and Slates gets too close for comfort :

He just don give a fackkkkkkkk....
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  1. missin the best ward clip ever- wardo judo kick to the head! think its in wheres wardo. snagtor favorite