Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things That Inspire This Guy Thursday

I'm sure a lot of you at some point or another have asked yourself one of the following:  "Where the fuck did SAH find this shit?" or "How the hell did SAH even think of that?" or "SAH's a crazy mo-fucka, he must be smokin crack o sum shiz!".  If you have ever pondered such things before, today is one of the few days where I will actually reveal a few of the things that inspire the weirdness that is  Think of it as a secret/exclusive VIP party where everyone is naked, shneeking pink tacos, and fist pumping to Tupac, DJ AM, Biggie, Bob Marley, Elvis, Jimi,, and all of the other musical legends who came back down to Earth to play their last and final show.

Throughout the day I'll be posting some of my inspirational sources that continually push me to get weirder, weirder, dumber, smarter, witty-er, and weirder.

First up, some weirdness followed by some brilliance.  For those of you who don't know Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, you've been living in Water World with Kevin Costner!  Ever since first hearing Ima Robot, I got hooked to the chaotic vocal styles of Alex Elbert.  Needless to say once he formed Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, I was hooked.  Check out the first 2 installments of Edward's 12-part music video series entitled SALVO!  Prepare to be creeped out with weirdness (part 1) and then amazed with cinematic/musical brilliance (part 2).


Georgie aka Mr. San Diego said he saw these guys live in SD and Alex was on a good one jumpin around every which way like a fawkin monkey, smokin a jay, and eventually falling back onto his drummer's drum set, slicing his arm on the cymbal but getting back up and signing/dancing his face off while spilling blood every where!  It don't get much more ROOOOOTS than that!
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