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Thinema Tuesday With Derek Dunfee

In Lieu of the recent futbol victory by Ethpana (although I hate main stream sports, soccer is the only one I ever made all stars for so I'll let it slide ja ja), and in spirit of Freak Week, today is Thinema Tuesday (Cinema + Spanish lisp = Thinema).  A while back I wrote about my mate Derek Dunfee winning the Monster Paddle In XXL Award in 2009 and then I wrote again about a recent movie he had in the works called Down With The Ship.  As it turns out, Derek has just finished the flick and it's ready to be screened and frothed upon at the premiere on July 29th in me old stomping grounds of La Jolla, California.

I caught up with DD (Derek Dunfee) a few weeks back and he was kind enough to answer all the lame-o questions I asked him.   Ladies and myrts, I present you my exclusive interview (the First of many interviews on SAH) with home town hero and big wave legend; Derek Dunfee.  Yes, it may be a bit to read but shneek an addy, drink your chai tea, or do whatever it is you gotta do to wake up and focus cause there's some exciting shit bellow!
DD Doin what he does best, chargin da pits of Puert! 

-Surf Ambassador Hendo:  Firstly, what have you been up to this past month?
-Derek Dunfee:  I've been spending a lot of time in mainland Mexico since April. There’s been a lot of swell so I've been shooting photos with a few photographers and filming. I’ve also been spending a lot of time working on my film. 

-SAH:  How is the video coming along?
-DD:  The video is done! just booked the a date (July 29th) to premier my film at the Sherwood theater in the La Jolla museum. I'm stoked!!

-SAH:  Awesome!  Can you explain the basic idea of what you're trying to accomplish with this film?  ie what story are you trying to tell?
 -DD:  I really wanted to share my story of breaking my leg to 5 months later catching the wave that won me the 2009 XXL paddle in award. It was my biggest life accomplishment winning that XXL award. So part of the film focuses on what I did in those 5 months to prepare for the 08/09 winter big wave season. The other half of the film is recent footage of me and my friends.  I have a group of friends who I chase big swells with. Its hard to be included in surf films, so I wanted to showcase my group of friends and what we are doing.

-SAH:  Can you briefly describe who's involved with the flick and how they have been contributing? 
-DD:  Ryan Broomberg is editing the film and my brother Taylor is doing all the drawings and font for the film. 
Fellow nerdbot editor and filmmaker Ryan Broomberg turning film intro gold for the silver-screen!   
Photographer and Artist Taylor Dunfee utilizing an "untapped resource" to do what he does best; CREATE!   

I have been collecting footage from a few different filmers like Curt Myers and Eric Nelson from Powerlines Productions, Bill Sharp and Noel Robinson.
Noel Robinson filmed most of the film, but he just recently drowned down in Puerto Escondido, so That kinda changed a few things in the movie. 

SAH side note: My deepest regards and prayers go out to Noel Robinson.  May he forever be remembered as one of the gnarliest Puerto Chargers ever.  Rest In Peace.

-SAH:  Who's sponsoring the film?
-DD:  Nobody is sponsoring the film, its all outta my pocket.

-SAH:  Is this the first film you've ever made?
-DD:  Yes!

-SAH:  I saw the trailer and was pretty much on the edge of my seat the whole time sharting myself in disbelief!  Is the rest of the film similar to the trailer in that there's some heavy shocking shit in there that will force me to be glued?
-DD:  Hahaha!
I tried to only put in the best clips so that the film wasn’t boring. There are a few very short interviews and the rest of the movie is pretty upbeat. This film is mainly big tubes and big waves, but without towing in or stepping off. There is probably only 2-3 turns in the whole movie.

-SAH:  What spots do you surf in the film?
-DD:  Mainland Mexico, Mavericks and Todos Santos.

Greg and Rusty Long charging Mavs like it ain't no thang!
-SAH:  Are there any other surfers that we might know of who may be featured in this film?
-DD:  Yea I included a bunch of my friends who Ive been traveling with or surf with. Greg and Rusty Long, Zach Wormhoudt Puerto legends Coco Nogales and Oscar Moncata, Jamie Sterling, Ben Dougherty, Noel Robinson,  Jensen hassett, Johnny Maher, Jojo Roper, Twiggy, Travis Payne and Colin Dwyer, Mark Healy, Shawn Dollar, Taylor Paul, and a few others.

-SAH:  What's your favorite part about this film so far?
-DD:  My favorite part of the film is probably the Mexico section after I broke my leg. I went down to mainland Mexico 3 months after I broke my leg. I duct taped my ankle so I wouldn’t re-injure it. I put in soooo much work to rehab my leg and get back fast, and I caught a few waves in mexico that helped me be ready for the 08/09 winter season.

-SAH:  What has been the most difficult part about making this film so far?
-DD:  Everything!! Everything from collecting footage to getting music rights. I had no idea how much work this was gonna be.

-SAH:  Are you going to have a premiere for you vid?  After party?
-DD:  Yes! I am going to premier it at the La Jolla museum on July 29th, 2010.
The after party is going to be at Zenbu following the premier.

-SAH:  When can viewers expect to see this thing come out on DvD/iTunes etc?
-DD:  I’m going make this film a free download, I have a website for the film, and I wanna make a free download available for everyone. There is a chance I might have a few DVD’s at the show.

Not only is Derek shaping the way we look at Big Wave Surfing, he's now shaping boards too! 
-SAH:  Can we expect to see a sequel or other films starring you in the future?
-DD:  Yea I wanna do some Down With The Ship webisodes after I premier the film. I have a few ideas, for example I just shaped my first surfboard and caught some good waves on it, so that might be the first one. Not sure about upcoming films, but I have a few ideas.

The photographer Yasine ‘Yazzy; Ouihall is making a film about surfing in the arctic and we did a few trips last year to a remote big wave zone. You can check out his trailer here.  

-SAH:  Are you planning on doing any trips or contests coming up?
-DD:  I have a few places I want to go in the next few years like Chile, south Africa and Ireland. I don’t plan any trips in advance any more, I just look at the swell maps and look for big swell. When I see a big swell with the right weather, then I go. I'm also an alternate for the Billabong Pico Alto big wave contest in Peru. The waiting period for that contest starts July 12, and last’s through august 12.

-SAH:  Thanks for your time and your roots ass answers to my first ever interview DD!  Stoked to hear the Film is finally in the can and that we now have a film premiere froth-fest to look forward to!  Can't wait to see the flick, and oh yeah tell the LJ myrts SAH and his entourage will be there ready to rage and get weird at the afta partay!  Hit me up if you need a dj, I know a weird one...  Thanks again!
-DD: Thanks Hendonesia!
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