Friday, July 23, 2010

Tarp Surfing Redux

When the waves are flat, I pretty much just hermit myself into a cave of ElectroHell and fist pump till my sweat gives me prune hands.  Unlike myself, Santa Cruz locs and rippers, Homer Henard & Nic Lamb took things into their own hands and brought the waves to them, with a tarp...

Yea, I previously blogged about a vid with groms tarp surfing before, but this new vid with the SC guys takes tarp surfing above and beyond the edge!  Tarp surfing is kinda like pocket pussies in a way, when you can't get some, you might as well fake it till you make it, not like I would know anything about pocket pussies or anything...

Props to Julius Sleezer for the looks on da vid!
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