Monday, July 12, 2010

Myrtall Monday: Rihanna

It ain't no secret that Rihanna is on fire in more ways than one!  If anyone were to have the Midas touch, she's got it and she knows how to use it.  Rhianna is the ultimate Myrt.

I'm not usually one to listen to pop (or as I like to call it "poppy seed kegels") but there's something about her voice that gives me weak knees, goose bumps, and pumps blood to my member!  Not only is her track entitled Rude Boy (should be called Roots Boy) all about gettin weird but her latest one with Slim Shady although a bit on the poppier side, is the perfect mix between sick flows and angelic vocs (vocals).  Only once in my life I wished I was a chick and that was when my home girl asked me to find some intern myrts to work on Rhianna's tour.  If it weren't for my 3 o'clock shadow and my hairy ass arms, I think I coulda had 'em fooled...

Em//nem ft R//hanna- L0ve Tha Weigh You Lie (Buy) (Please note: songs will now be de-linked within 3 days due to music moles trying to shut da blog down)

Rihan babe: I'm a roots boy, after 4 lines of Viagra I can get it up, pretty sure I'm big enough (I've been using my pump a lot lately), I'll take it and love you any day.  Just sayin... 
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