Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inspired By Not Giving A FUCK

Got a last minute text from some myrt sayin that there was a Volcom fashion show just 4 blocks from my house and that it was starting in 30 minutes.  Jumped in the froth cave, put some froth on my hair and pubes, doused a bit of cool water cologne, and was out the door looking like DR at prom within 20 minutes.  Me and Po show up to this facking place and not only is it packed to the brim with industry freaks alike but it's farking 90 degrees in Downtown LA right now and the place didn't have any AC.  "No one's getting in, we're at capacity" says the dousher bouncer in the front.

I glance to my left and who do I see?  That myrt named Lo from The Hills and The OC or whatever that shit's called.  She looks pissed and her friends are telling her "there's no use anymore, we're not getting in."  I figure fack, if they don't let this myrt in, there's now way we're getting in (glancing at my SAH stickers as I feel my tail wallow between my legs).  After Po made a quick remark to Lo about the heat (Po + Lo = Love & Hearts xoxo) and I frothed on some firing, we gave in and gave up.  I figured if a C-List Mtv cleleb and my arch nemesis Brent Ringenbach (Brent Bigitfack) couldn't get in, I was shit outa fucking luck!  We cut bait, frothed to the bodega, and are now drinkin our tall boyz as we prepare for Acid Girls.

As I sit here and chug, I can't help but think what one of my idols woulda done.  This guy surely woulda said "fuck this facking cunt rubish, this place is facking wank, watch this shit" as he whips out his wang, starts a pants off dance off, makes out with 4 firing myrts, breaks a bottle over his  head, gets applauded by the bouncers, gets let in, and walks the fashion show cat walk nude saying "fackkkkk mates fackkkk!!!" By the end of the night, he's the one bending Lo over and givin her a good root!  Who am I talkin about?  Why non other than my inspiration for not giving a fuck: Paul Fisher aka The Fish!  The guy simply does not give a shit!  Mad man maniac ready to froth at all times!  Check out his shit mates:

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