Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Hipsters Don't Dance, They Just Wear Tight Pants and...

Do the Rockaway, fiend cack, fieeeend cack!" -Phat Joe (Nesia Remix)

As some of you may know from your soiled underpants, your never ending hangover, your fist that won't unclench, or the ringing lasers in your ears, Party Sauce rocked the facking house on Tuesday!  Thanks to those of you who came out for the weirdness.  Not to stroke myself off too much but we pretty much nailed our ElectroHell set and were frothing so much that sweat was dripping from my balls as well as my head(s)!  So how many groupie myrts did we bang that night?  That's the thing...

Much respect and props to da myrts of Bang Bang for hooking up the gig and supplying us with some frothy suds 'n spirits, thank you myrts, lez do it again.  On another note, no respect,  no props, and no nods to the facking hipsters in the back who were too cool to dance, let alone bob their wool beanie clad heads in acknowledgement!  While you were in the back talking about Nietzche, radiohead, and cobrasnake, we were in the booth providing your ears with audio shneeks for no cost.

I do understand that my quest as a "dj" is one filled with mysteries, bumps, and unforeseen obstacles in which you can't please everyone.  But for crying out loud, would it hurt to swallow a bit of self-coolness and acknowledge the people with sweaty balls driving your night?  If dancing or loving music is such a crime and  seen as uncool, you might as well just call us dj Rush Limbaugh aka the uncoolest people that ever lived...

My mate Geraldo over at Look At This Fucking sent me some photos of what was goin on behind us that was so important that it made the dance-floor disappear for these fucking hipsters...
Outside, Captain Kook reads a book
Thad tried to make it but had to get his dog an iPad instead
Theo was much too busy inventing new poses that will surely get him on Cobrasnake
Thane swooped all the chicks away and was getting tail in the bathroom

Toni and Twiggy were too busy with their final chat-roulette date to leave the house
Ahh alas, our only loyal fan Edwaurdo, pulled a muscle doing the Harlem shuffle as he practiced his dance routine for out set!  Get well soon bud, we need you back in the front teaching worthy patrons your patented "jhorts with bubblegum stuck on the thighs" dance!              

PS dear hot dancer chick drinking champagne who whispered sweet nothings into my ear, it's cool, no need to be shy, you can add me on facebook and I'll poke you till the sun comes up!
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