Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Guns That Inspire The ElectroHell Within

Guns In The Sun have been owning the West Side DJ scene in LA since their drunken/wild conception a few years back!  Not only do they inspire new dance moves into my fist pumping/happy feet regimen every time they plug in and fire their tables up, but they are also the ones who originally inspired me to give this whole DJ thing a chance!  Which has come quite a ways form where it first started.  Speaking of which, Me and Po aka Party Sauce are DJing next Tuesday at the Mandrake Bar in Culver City for Bang Bang Tuesdays, so stop by and grab yourself a beer, a shot of Wild Turks, a myrt, and a fist to pump cause shit is sure to get saucey!  We're also DJing a Hotel pool party next weekend, more on that to come later, but for now, listen to Guns member and fellow happy feet stomper; Kenya's latest mixtape entitled Sun Hustler:

sun hustler by kenya

Sun Hustler by Kenya

Rooooooooooots ass mixtape that automatically shneeks my day out whether I've slept for my usual 37 minutes or haven't slept at all!
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