Friday, July 16, 2010


FROTH what does it really mean?

Wikipedia defines it as: "Froth is foam consisting of bubbles in a liquid."
Merriam Webster defines it as: something resembling froth (as in being unsubstantial, worthless, or light and airy).
The Free Dictionary defines it as: Salivary foam released as a result of disease or exhaustion.

Define as they will, they can take their online credentials and their grad-school doctorate degrees and shove 'em right up their asses!  Cause they're wrong, they're all wrong!  FROTH is more than a word, it's a feeling, it's a lifestyle, it's a commitment, and whatever it may truly be, it is most certainly not definable by words!  Regardless of how much my head is pulsating like a farking sub woofer and how gnarls my hangover is from lurking last night (we ended up shneeking into the Volcom after party and shit got especially weird) it's fuckin Frothy Friday and ain't nothin gonna get in my way!  Bellow, you will find various aspects of the FROTH, may they enlighten your life and elevate your mind as well as touch you in ways that were once not thought of as possible (consult nearest latina for details).  

Top Ambassadors of Froth:
1.)  The Gudauskas Brothers
Seeing as though I can't vote for myself as an ambassador of froth (even though my commitment to froth is now a life long mantra written in ink somewhere on my body), surely the Gudauskas Bros are right up there with me when it comes to repping the froth.  Their froth blog probably uses the word froth just as much, if not more, than my site.  Needless to say, they've got a great outlook on life and truly understand the key to living happy is the fact that there's never a dull moment if you live your life frothing at all times.  Truest ambassadors of froth there ever was.    

2.)  Jay "Bottle" Thompson
Out in Hawaii during the Triple Crown, I'd occasionally escape my daily nerdbot duties and take a peak at the comps goin down outside of da trailer.  Every so often I'd get a glimpse of a heat and some of the beach interviews.  One such interview I was lucky enough to witness was that of a sir Jay "Bottle" Thompson after he made the finals at Haleiwa and qualified for the CT.  Seemed like every other word out of his mouth was "froth", "frothed", "frothy", or "frothing".  Right then and there Bots got insta-ra-spekt and became a worthy ambassador of the Froth.  

3.)  Brian Toth
Never really knew much about the guy other than the fact that he was a goofy footer and that I think he was from North County SD or Florida.  Boy how wrong I was!  Hailing from Puerto Rico, Toth froths for Matix & Oakley and updates his blog The Toth Froth about things that happen in a life filled with froth.  Keep the froth alive good soldier and some day you will climb the froth ranks!    

Things That Make Me Froth At The Mouth:

An empty line up at the Lobster Lounge...

Myrtle butt floss...

Live music accompanied by a frothy ElectroHell crowd (minus those stupid fucking candy necklace/bracelets)...

The occasional frothy 12 oz curl... 

Living life under a frothy sun...
New SAH Contest:  First person to email me a count of the number of times I've used the word "Froth" on my site will be in contention for winning Alana Blanchard's exclusive sex-tape recently mailed to me by The Mole.  Good luck and froth well!  

"Life's Too Short Not To Be Frothing All The Time"- SAH
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