Monday, July 12, 2010

Freak Week

Sup humanz?
I realize I've been a bit busy nerdbotting and have neglected da blogosphere these past weeks.  So I'm here today to make it up to you (just don't think of this as make up sex cause I'm not munching any carpet this week).  With that being said, this week shall be filled with bizarreness, laughter, nudity, sin, spins, tubes, tits, and treasures!  It's SAH's muthafawkin Freak Week!  What is a freak week shneek tweak you ask?  Simple, everyday of this week will be themed according to it's day's first letter (example: Monday = Myrtle Mondays, Tuesday could = Torture Tuesday or Touch Yourself Tuesday or Tramps on a Ramp Tuesday, you get the picture).

In true SAH routine I've already listed the Myrtle Monday this week, so that was to be expected.  However, this site is all about expecting the unexpected so ontop of a Myrt Monday and in lieu of Freak Week, I've decided to make today Mad Dog Monday.  I was gonna have it be Monotone Monday and I tried to do this prank call solely using a monotone voice but it turned out whack and just plain stupid so now I'm drinking my sorrows away with some good ol' Mad Dog 2020.  Here's the attempt at the Monotone Monday Fone Froth:
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