Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Sheeeeeeeeesh Thursday was a freaking doozie to say the least!  Big ups to my boy Derek Dunfee and his radical film Down With The Ship!  Freaking place was completely sold out and packed wall to wall!  More on that and the after party to come later.  Until then my friends, get weird on some Electro myrts while I clean out the cobwebs...

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Transworld Surf's "High 5" Premiere

So many film premieres, so little time...
Tonight, as I've previously discussed, is Derek Dunfee's film premiere of his newest flick entitled Down With The Ship followed by an after party featuring tunes from Scorpion Pete (of Scorpion Breath) and Party Sauce.  Tomorrow night marks the premiere for Transworld Surf's 2nd movie entitled High 5.  With an eclectic line up of mega rippers consisting of: Fergal Smith, Wade Goodall, Eric Geiselman, Andrew Doheny, and 3x World Champ Andy Irons, this movie is set up for high degrees of success!  If it's anything like Transworld's last surf movie entitled Tomorrow Today, then you might as well consider me a ghost cause I'm probably gonna go follow High 5's East Coast tour around and sleep in front of my local surf shop just to be the first one to snag a copy of this baby!  The premiere is goin down tomorrow night at 7:30PM in the La Paloma Theater of Encinitas, San Diego.   Be there, do it, froth it!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The AMPAL Creative IS Made In LA

Our homie 12th Planet knows what's up when it comes to hats!

Here's a lil behind the scenes AMPAL vid Po and I cut together thanks to Kevelz' roots ass footage!  Join us as we take a sneak peak into the unique process involved in making a legit quality hat that not only looks good, but gets you laid (field tested and proven)!

If you're gonna start rockin an AMPAL hat, people (especially myrts) WILL try and steal it right from under your noggin, so you best make sure you bring a stick with you so you can beat 'em off...
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To Catch A Predator

Ever since I moved to the filth hole better known as Los Angeles, I've seen some weird and crazy ass shit!  Like the time I was driving down La Cienega one day and I saw what appeared to be a 70 year old Russian woman wiping her ass in broad day light after taking a shit in a corner right by the Beverly Center (true  Or the time I some how ended up in the back of 2 dudes' Suburban (by the name of Smokey and Sniper) as they stopped at a port-a-potty in the back alley of a Ralph's, picked up their "cigarettes" from some shady dude hiding behind a scaffolding, and proceeded to drive me and Pinocchio back to the party on the left side of the road half the way back (true  Last but not least, the time I thought I was going to a new speakeasy and actually walked into the gnarliest S&M freak-show-orgy with at least 30 people doing ungodly things to each other, toys and all!  Oh wait that last one was my house on a typical Friday night, never-mind...  Anyways, point being, weird shit just don't faze me much no more.  That is until a few months ago...

On a nice summer day, me and my homie Kevelz sat outside of our local cafe in Downtown and did what we normally do; get shneeked off coffee and bird-watch.  As we sat there talking about myrts and frothing, all of a sudden our conversation and ultimately our entire day, was immediately interrupted by what most people would call disturbing, but we called legendary!

All I could hear was super loud ass yelling in a dialect that makes the word "froth" as foreign as Greek.  'Where the hell is that coming from?' I thought to myself as I glanced around searching for the answer.  All of a sudden, behind a UPS truck, pops out this savage beast scantily clad in tattered rags, revo sunglasses that hid his face, a Nepalese beanie with ear flaps, a suit jacket, and pants that looked like they had seen better days.  In a word, the guy looked like a malnourished Alaskan Brown Bear riding a bicycle from Toys R Us.  Not only was he yelling nonsense and making hand gestures as if he was leading a parade, he was weaving through Downtown traffic like a drunk monkey stuck in a maze!

This ain't the dude but he most likely mobs with him!
If that wasn't enough, he then proceeded to start making what most people would call obscene hand gestures, but what I would call classic Tom foolery!  That's right, this guy starts throwing his wrist around like he's having the best wank off session he's seen in years!  Not only was he pretending to jack off while riding his bicycle (one-footed mind you), he then proceeded to pretend to throw his seaman into the crowd of patrons at the cafe nervously watching him!  As people shunned their eyes and covered their coffees, I sat there laughing my ass off hoping that this moment of hilarity would never end.   Then, just as we thought he was leaving, he makes another circle back to the cafe and starts making hand gestures like he's eating pink taco (you know, the motion where your fingers are in a V shape and your tongue fervently goes through 'em...).  This guy was LEGEND!  Unfortunately, he had other places to go and more people to freak out so the crazy biker dude led the charge of his unsuspecting traffic parade and spurted off as he flew down the street yelling gibberish at the top of his lungs and motioning his body like a wild octopus.

Since that glorious day, I have only seen this legendary human one more time (screaming and flailing again, he scared the shit out of a polite Asian family trying to eat their breakfast).  Although I've only seen him twice, I hear the loudest and strangest yelling outside my window at least once a week, and I'm positive it's him.  If anyone in the Downtown Los Angeles area has any information about this guy, please send me an email (, as I would love to do a quick webisode with this freak.  I'll keep posting up at that spot in hopes of catching this legendary freak one day, but until then I guess his occasional screams of nonsense will have to suffice...
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Perhaps You Better Start

Some day my nerdbot editing skills will reach this pinnacle level, until then, a frother can dream can't he?

So Sick!
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Down With The Ship Film Premiere This Thursday

Lights, Camera, Action!  This Thursday evening in La Jolla, Derek Dunfee's newest film entitled Down With The Ship will be premiering at the Sherwood Auditorium.  Check out the exclusive in-depth interview I did last week with Derek for more info about the film and everything surrounding it.  With creative collaborators including Derek, his brother Taylor, and Ryan Broomberg behind the film, it's a no brainer that the masses will be left at the edge of their seats!

After the film, there's gonna be a frothy after party celebration presented by Samantha Roper goin down a few blocks away at Zenbu.  With mix masters and DJ duos Scorpion Breath and Party Sauce frothin it up on the turn tables plus sponsors like Volcom, Nixon, Matuse, Sector 9, and our boyz over at Lefty's Barber Shop, shit is certain to get weird!  So come out for the flick, watch jaws drop, and then ease your big wave adrenaline shock with a few spirits 'n tunez over at the after party!  See you there myrts n gromz...
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Monday, July 26, 2010

MM: Amy Millan

Amy Millan of Stars and (dare I say) the "supergroupBroken Social Scene sings like an angel, froths like a fair maiden, and can play the guitar like like an octopus.  When ElectroHell gets too frothy and my head starts ringing, I like to take nice indie breaks while smokin Cubes, reading R.L. Stine, and listening to the soothing sounds of myrts like Amy.

If Amy's voice alone wasn't enough, throw in Emily Haines of Metric and Leslie Feist (Feist) and you've got yourself the ultimate recipe for a a beautiful song and a boner.  Here's a few selects:

Amy Millan- Towers

Stars- We Don't Want Your Body

Broken Social Scene- Anthems For A Seventeen Year Old Girl
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When Cougars Attack; Droid

Pretty hilarious video of ultra cougar news reporter Jillian Barberie (above) interviewing da Droid about the upcoming US Open, shrinkage, and his new "gf" Steph Gilmore (sorry Louie, she's now taken).  Obviously these coug myrts know nothing about surfing, guess I'm just gonna have to give another personal surf lesson at Blacks...
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Updates 07/26/10

Now instead of just posting the weekly SAH updates on the sidebar and on creepbook, I'm gonna also try and throw 'em all together in one post.  Think of it as a goodie bag filled with wax, shneex, profos, freejoles, lil ringa, lube, and even some squidlips if you're lucky...

ElectroHell Tune Of Da Week:
Cosmo Black- When Night Becomes The Morn (DCUP Remix)
Great summer jam with a groovy disco vibe to it that ultimately musically and lyrically describes that all too familiar situation...

Vid Of Da Week:
Eli Smith- Party All Knight
Pretty epic song and vid featuring some classic vintage city, cop, skate, and froth footage...

Steez Of Da Week:
Lost Enterprises' "Lawsuit" Tee
I think I like this shirt not only cause it screams "fuck off, don't fuck with me" but I'm pretty sure this one chick who poked me on facebook once had this as her profo pic, if only she looked like this sober...

Do You Like Bass?
Dim Mak Tuesdays at Cinespace in Hollywood presents: Midnight JUGGernauts + Afghan Raiders + DCUP!  This is sure to be one hell of a frothy ElectroHell show.  I feel bad for those of you have work the next day, must be nice... 

Sud & Spirits
Swimming With Sharks @ The Standard Hotel, Downtown Los Angeles 
Contrary to what this dudecruise pic may depict, this event is always an epic froth-fest filled with babes, booze, boobs, and brewz...

Gram & Pappas DTLA
SAH Suggest: Prosciutto or Chicken Sandwich 
Went here the other day with some of the Crap & AMPAL frothers and lets just say my pants grew 4 inches before, during, and after, and I'm not talking about at the waist... 
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Tarp Surfing Redux

When the waves are flat, I pretty much just hermit myself into a cave of ElectroHell and fist pump till my sweat gives me prune hands.  Unlike myself, Santa Cruz locs and rippers, Homer Henard & Nic Lamb took things into their own hands and brought the waves to them, with a tarp...

Yea, I previously blogged about a vid with groms tarp surfing before, but this new vid with the SC guys takes tarp surfing above and beyond the edge!  Tarp surfing is kinda like pocket pussies in a way, when you can't get some, you might as well fake it till you make it, not like I would know anything about pocket pussies or anything...

Props to Julius Sleezer for the looks on da vid!
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West Oz Froth

Sup humanz?
Happy Frothy Friday to all and to all a good froth!
Here's a lil vid I recently cut for ESPN of Seabass, Yadin, Yeomans, DGraves, and the likes shredding slabs n slobs in West Oz!  Big ups to Seeworthy Project frother Chris Steblay for the roots footy and the endless froth.  Enjoy:
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

"Hipsters Don't Dance, They Just Wear Tight Pants and...

Do the Rockaway, fiend cack, fieeeend cack!" -Phat Joe (Nesia Remix)

As some of you may know from your soiled underpants, your never ending hangover, your fist that won't unclench, or the ringing lasers in your ears, Party Sauce rocked the facking house on Tuesday!  Thanks to those of you who came out for the weirdness.  Not to stroke myself off too much but we pretty much nailed our ElectroHell set and were frothing so much that sweat was dripping from my balls as well as my head(s)!  So how many groupie myrts did we bang that night?  That's the thing...

Much respect and props to da myrts of Bang Bang for hooking up the gig and supplying us with some frothy suds 'n spirits, thank you myrts, lez do it again.  On another note, no respect,  no props, and no nods to the facking hipsters in the back who were too cool to dance, let alone bob their wool beanie clad heads in acknowledgement!  While you were in the back talking about Nietzche, radiohead, and cobrasnake, we were in the booth providing your ears with audio shneeks for no cost.

I do understand that my quest as a "dj" is one filled with mysteries, bumps, and unforeseen obstacles in which you can't please everyone.  But for crying out loud, would it hurt to swallow a bit of self-coolness and acknowledge the people with sweaty balls driving your night?  If dancing or loving music is such a crime and  seen as uncool, you might as well just call us dj Rush Limbaugh aka the uncoolest people that ever lived...

My mate Geraldo over at Look At This Fucking sent me some photos of what was goin on behind us that was so important that it made the dance-floor disappear for these fucking hipsters...
Outside, Captain Kook reads a book
Thad tried to make it but had to get his dog an iPad instead
Theo was much too busy inventing new poses that will surely get him on Cobrasnake
Thane swooped all the chicks away and was getting tail in the bathroom

Toni and Twiggy were too busy with their final chat-roulette date to leave the house
Ahh alas, our only loyal fan Edwaurdo, pulled a muscle doing the Harlem shuffle as he practiced his dance routine for out set!  Get well soon bud, we need you back in the front teaching worthy patrons your patented "jhorts with bubblegum stuck on the thighs" dance!              

PS dear hot dancer chick drinking champagne who whispered sweet nothings into my ear, it's cool, no need to be shy, you can add me on facebook and I'll poke you till the sun comes up!
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This Once Was An Island

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More Than Just Colour & Shape

Probably the best music video ever made:
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Party Sauce; Frothing Tomorrow Night @ Bang Bang Tuesdays

If you come out to Da Mandrake Bar in Culver City tomorrow night from 10-12, you will get your facking face frothed off by the 2 headed DJ Duo (Me & Po) commonly referred to as Cunt Mongrels but better known as Party Sauce!  First person to break a sweat by foot stomping or fist pumping will receive a free drink and will automatically be put in the running for our quest to find a Party Sauce Hype Man/Woman.  Bang Bang Tuesdays at Mandrake Bar is starting to build some uber hipster momentum so you better show up before it's too late and you look like the kid who bought a Bad Boy Club t-shirt when in reality, Gecko Hawaii was the new trend...
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MM: Volcom Spring 2011

Some frothy pics from the Volcom fashion show we weren't cool enough to get into.  So smitten with this firing myrtle...

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Somebody Shoot Me Sunday

I don't think I heard a single word she said.  Hell, I'd listen to this chick if she was advocating why SUPing is good for our environment.  Dying...
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010


FROTH what does it really mean?

Wikipedia defines it as: "Froth is foam consisting of bubbles in a liquid."
Merriam Webster defines it as: something resembling froth (as in being unsubstantial, worthless, or light and airy).
The Free Dictionary defines it as: Salivary foam released as a result of disease or exhaustion.

Define as they will, they can take their online credentials and their grad-school doctorate degrees and shove 'em right up their asses!  Cause they're wrong, they're all wrong!  FROTH is more than a word, it's a feeling, it's a lifestyle, it's a commitment, and whatever it may truly be, it is most certainly not definable by words!  Regardless of how much my head is pulsating like a farking sub woofer and how gnarls my hangover is from lurking last night (we ended up shneeking into the Volcom after party and shit got especially weird) it's fuckin Frothy Friday and ain't nothin gonna get in my way!  Bellow, you will find various aspects of the FROTH, may they enlighten your life and elevate your mind as well as touch you in ways that were once not thought of as possible (consult nearest latina for details).  

Top Ambassadors of Froth:
1.)  The Gudauskas Brothers
Seeing as though I can't vote for myself as an ambassador of froth (even though my commitment to froth is now a life long mantra written in ink somewhere on my body), surely the Gudauskas Bros are right up there with me when it comes to repping the froth.  Their froth blog probably uses the word froth just as much, if not more, than my site.  Needless to say, they've got a great outlook on life and truly understand the key to living happy is the fact that there's never a dull moment if you live your life frothing at all times.  Truest ambassadors of froth there ever was.    

2.)  Jay "Bottle" Thompson
Out in Hawaii during the Triple Crown, I'd occasionally escape my daily nerdbot duties and take a peak at the comps goin down outside of da trailer.  Every so often I'd get a glimpse of a heat and some of the beach interviews.  One such interview I was lucky enough to witness was that of a sir Jay "Bottle" Thompson after he made the finals at Haleiwa and qualified for the CT.  Seemed like every other word out of his mouth was "froth", "frothed", "frothy", or "frothing".  Right then and there Bots got insta-ra-spekt and became a worthy ambassador of the Froth.  

3.)  Brian Toth
Never really knew much about the guy other than the fact that he was a goofy footer and that I think he was from North County SD or Florida.  Boy how wrong I was!  Hailing from Puerto Rico, Toth froths for Matix & Oakley and updates his blog The Toth Froth about things that happen in a life filled with froth.  Keep the froth alive good soldier and some day you will climb the froth ranks!    

Things That Make Me Froth At The Mouth:

An empty line up at the Lobster Lounge...

Myrtle butt floss...

Live music accompanied by a frothy ElectroHell crowd (minus those stupid fucking candy necklace/bracelets)...

The occasional frothy 12 oz curl... 

Living life under a frothy sun...
New SAH Contest:  First person to email me a count of the number of times I've used the word "Froth" on my site will be in contention for winning Alana Blanchard's exclusive sex-tape recently mailed to me by The Mole.  Good luck and froth well!  

"Life's Too Short Not To Be Frothing All The Time"- SAH
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Inspired By Not Giving A FUCK

Got a last minute text from some myrt sayin that there was a Volcom fashion show just 4 blocks from my house and that it was starting in 30 minutes.  Jumped in the froth cave, put some froth on my hair and pubes, doused a bit of cool water cologne, and was out the door looking like DR at prom within 20 minutes.  Me and Po show up to this facking place and not only is it packed to the brim with industry freaks alike but it's farking 90 degrees in Downtown LA right now and the place didn't have any AC.  "No one's getting in, we're at capacity" says the dousher bouncer in the front.

I glance to my left and who do I see?  That myrt named Lo from The Hills and The OC or whatever that shit's called.  She looks pissed and her friends are telling her "there's no use anymore, we're not getting in."  I figure fack, if they don't let this myrt in, there's now way we're getting in (glancing at my SAH stickers as I feel my tail wallow between my legs).  After Po made a quick remark to Lo about the heat (Po + Lo = Love & Hearts xoxo) and I frothed on some firing, we gave in and gave up.  I figured if a C-List Mtv cleleb and my arch nemesis Brent Ringenbach (Brent Bigitfack) couldn't get in, I was shit outa fucking luck!  We cut bait, frothed to the bodega, and are now drinkin our tall boyz as we prepare for Acid Girls.

As I sit here and chug, I can't help but think what one of my idols woulda done.  This guy surely woulda said "fuck this facking cunt rubish, this place is facking wank, watch this shit" as he whips out his wang, starts a pants off dance off, makes out with 4 firing myrts, breaks a bottle over his  head, gets applauded by the bouncers, gets let in, and walks the fashion show cat walk nude saying "fackkkkk mates fackkkk!!!" By the end of the night, he's the one bending Lo over and givin her a good root!  Who am I talkin about?  Why non other than my inspiration for not giving a fuck: Paul Fisher aka The Fish!  The guy simply does not give a shit!  Mad man maniac ready to froth at all times!  Check out his shit mates:

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The Guns That Inspire The ElectroHell Within

Guns In The Sun have been owning the West Side DJ scene in LA since their drunken/wild conception a few years back!  Not only do they inspire new dance moves into my fist pumping/happy feet regimen every time they plug in and fire their tables up, but they are also the ones who originally inspired me to give this whole DJ thing a chance!  Which has come quite a ways form where it first started.  Speaking of which, Me and Po aka Party Sauce are DJing next Tuesday at the Mandrake Bar in Culver City for Bang Bang Tuesdays, so stop by and grab yourself a beer, a shot of Wild Turks, a myrt, and a fist to pump cause shit is sure to get saucey!  We're also DJing a Hotel pool party next weekend, more on that to come later, but for now, listen to Guns member and fellow happy feet stomper; Kenya's latest mixtape entitled Sun Hustler:

sun hustler by kenya

Sun Hustler by Kenya

Rooooooooooots ass mixtape that automatically shneeks my day out whether I've slept for my usual 37 minutes or haven't slept at all!
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